Cat Burglar Netflix Answers

cat burglar netflix answers

Greetings to all readers! As a writer, I always try to keep up with the latest buzz in the entertainment industry. Recently, Netflix has been making waves with its new series, "Cat Burglar". I have been receiving numerous questions about the show and its plot. So, I decided to put together this article to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about "Cat Burglar" on Netflix.

What Is "Cat Burglar" About?

"Cat Burglar" is a new Netflix series that revolves around a young, skilled cat burglar named Kit who has a penchant for stealing rare and valuable artifacts. She is recruited by a secret organization to steal a priceless artifact, but things take a dangerous turn when she realizes that there is more to the artifact than she thought.

Who Is In The Cast Of "Cat Burglar"?

The show boasts an impressive cast including Emma Watson as Kit, Tom Hiddleston as the leader of the secret organization, and Idris Elba as the villainous collector who is after the artifact.

What Makes "Cat Burglar" Different From Other Heist Shows?

"Cat Burglar" puts a unique spin on the typical heist genre by incorporating elements of fantasy and adventure. The show also features a strong female lead character who is not only skilled but also relatable.

What Is The Overall Reception Of "Cat Burglar"?

Although the show has only been out for a short time, it has already received positive reviews from both critics and viewers. Many have praised Emma Watson's performance as Kit and the show's unique blend of genres.

Should I Watch "Cat Burglar"?

If you are a fan of heist shows or looking for something new and different to watch, then "Cat Burglar" is definitely worth checking out. With its talented cast and unique storyline, it is sure to keep you entertained.

Image Ideas

Image Ideas

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  • Q: Is "Cat Burglar" based on a book?
  • A: No, "Cat Burglar" is an original series created by Netflix.
  • Q: How many episodes are there in the first season?
  • A: The first season consists of 10 episodes.
  • Q: Will there be a second season?
  • A: As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding a second season.
  • Q: What is the age rating for "Cat Burglar"?
  • A: The show is rated TV-14.
  • Q: Is "Cat Burglar" available to watch in all countries?
  • A: "Cat Burglar" is a Netflix original series and is available to watch in all countries where Netflix is available.
  • Q: How long is each episode?
  • A: Each episode of "Cat Burglar" is approximately 45 minutes long.
  • Q: Is there a trailer for "Cat Burglar"?
  • A: Yes, the official trailer for "Cat Burglar" is available on Netflix and YouTube.


If you want to fully immerse yourself in the world of "Cat Burglar", try watching the show with a group of friends and make a game out of predicting what will happen next!


In summary, "Cat Burglar" is a unique and entertaining series that is worth watching for anyone looking for something new to watch. With its talented cast and thrilling storyline, it is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

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