Cat Eye Tortoise Glasses: A Fashionable Choice For Your Eyewear

cat eye tortoise glasses

As a fashion enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for trendy and stylish accessories that can complement my outfits. One of my recent discoveries is the cat eye tortoise glasses, a perfect blend of retro and modern design that adds a touch of sophistication to any look. In this article, I will delve deeper into this eyewear trend and share some tips on how to rock it.

What are Cat Eye Tortoise Glasses?

Cat eye glasses were first popularized in the 1950s and 1960s, and they have made a comeback in recent years. The frames are characterized by their pointed outer edges that resemble a cat's eye shape. Tortoise glasses, on the other hand, are made of a material that mimics the pattern of a tortoise's shell, giving them a unique and timeless appeal.

Cat eye tortoise glasses combine these two elements for a chic and classic look. They are available in various shades of brown and black, and the frames can be either thick or thin, depending on your preference.

Why Should You Consider Cat Eye Tortoise Glasses?

There are several reasons why cat eye tortoise glasses have become a popular choice for eyewear:

  1. Stylish


    The unique design of cat eye tortoise glasses makes them stand out from typical eyewear options. They can add a touch of glamour to any outfit, whether you're going for a retro or modern look.

  2. Versatile


    These glasses can be worn with a variety of outfits, from casual to formal. They are especially popular with fashion-forward individuals who want to make a statement with their eyewear.

  3. Durable


    Tortoise-shell frames are made of a sturdy material that can withstand wear and tear, making them a practical choice for everyday use.

  4. Complement Your Features

    Complement Your Features

    The upward sweep of the frames in cat eye glasses can highlight your cheekbones and add definition to your face.

  5. Available in Prescription

    Available in Prescription

    If you require prescription glasses, you can still enjoy the fashionable appeal of cat eye tortoise glasses. Many opticians offer these frames with prescription lenses.

How to Style Cat Eye Tortoise Glasses?

Here are some tips on how to rock your cat eye tortoise glasses:

  1. Match Them with Your Outfit

    Match Them with Your Outfit

    Choose a color of glasses that complements the hues of your outfit. For example, if you're wearing a brown dress, opt for tortoise glasses in a similar shade.

  2. Accessorize


    You can enhance the retro vibe of cat eye tortoise glasses with accessories like a headscarf, a statement necklace, or a bold lipstick.

  3. Choose the Right Hairstyle

    Choose the Right Hairstyle

    The upward sweep of the frames can be accentuated with a high ponytail or a messy bun.

  4. Experiment with Makeup

    Experiment with Makeup

    Cat eye glasses can draw attention to your eyes, so you can play around with different eyeshadow colors and eyeliner styles to make them pop.

  5. Dont Overdo It

    Dont Overdo It

    While cat eye tortoise glasses can make a statement, it's important not to overdo it with too many bold accessories or patterns. Keep it simple and let the glasses be the focal point.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are cat eye tortoise glasses suitable for all face shapes?
  • A: Yes, cat eye glasses can complement various face shapes, but it's important to choose the right size and proportion of frames.

  • Q: Can I wear cat eye tortoise glasses with sunglasses?
  • A: Yes, you can find cat eye tortoise sunglasses that offer both style and sun protection.

  • Q: Are cat eye tortoise glasses expensive?
  • A: The price of cat eye tortoise glasses can vary, depending on the brand and quality of the frames. However, they are generally affordable and offer good value for money.

  • Q: Can I wear cat eye tortoise glasses to work?
  • A: Yes, cat eye tortoise glasses can add a touch of professionalism to your work attire, especially if you opt for thin frames and subtle colors.

  • Q: How do I clean my cat eye tortoise glasses?
  • A: Use a microfiber cloth or a lens cleaning solution to gently wipe the lenses and frames. Avoid using hot water or harsh chemicals that can damage the material.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Cat Eye Tortoise Glasses

To ensure that your cat eye tortoise glasses last long and look good, here are some tips:

  • Store them in a Case

    Store them in a Case

    When you're not wearing your glasses, keep them in a protective case to prevent scratches and dust buildup.

  • Handle with Care

    Handle with Care

    Avoid twisting or bending the frames, as this can cause them to lose their shape.

  • Clean them Regularly

    Clean them Regularly

    Wipe your glasses with a clean cloth or lens cleaning solution regularly to keep them free of dust and debris.

  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures

    Avoid Extreme Temperatures

    Don't expose your glasses to extreme heat or cold, as this can damage the frames or lenses.

  • Get Them Adjusted

    Get Them Adjusted

    If your glasses feel loose or uncomfortable, take them to an optician to get them adjusted to fit your face better.


Cat eye tortoise glasses are a fashionable and versatile choice for eyewear that can add sophistication and glamour to any look. By following the tips and taking care of your glasses, you can enjoy their timeless appeal for years to come.

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