Cat Goes Fishing Mobile - The Ultimate Guide

cat goes fishing mobile

Greetings fishing enthusiasts! If you're reading this article, chances are, you're a fan of the popular game, Cat Goes Fishing Mobile. As a fellow player, I understand the excitement and challenge of exploring the vast ocean and catching different kinds of fish. In this article, I will provide you with tips, tricks, and strategies to level up your fishing game and make the most out of your mobile gaming experience.

Gameplay Basics

Before we dive into the tips and tricks, let's start with the basics of the game. Cat Goes Fishing Mobile is a fishing simulation game where you play as a cat, using various fishing equipment to catch different types of fish. You can upgrade your equipment and use different baits to attract rare fish. The ultimate goal is to catch the biggest and rarest fish in the ocean.

Tip 1: Upgrade Your Equipment

  1. Get a better fishing rod

    Get a better fishing rod

    Upgrading your fishing rod will increase your chances of catching bigger fish. Invest in a better rod as soon as possible.

  2. Upgrade your boat

    Upgrade your boat

    Upgrading your boat will allow you to explore deeper waters and catch rarer fish.

  3. Use different baits

    Use different baits

    Using different baits will attract different types of fish. Experiment with different baits to catch rare fish.

  4. Upgrade your line

    Upgrade your line

    Upgrading your line will make it stronger and less likely to break when catching bigger fish.

  5. Buy a sonar

    Buy a sonar

    A sonar will help you locate fish in deeper waters, increasing your chances of catching rare fish.

  6. Get a better hook

    Get a better hook

    A better hook will make it easier to catch fish, especially the bigger ones.

Tip 2: Patience is Key

Don't rush into catching fish. Take your time and observe the behavior of the fish. Different fish have different behaviors and require different strategies to catch them. Be patient and wait for the right moment to catch the fish.

Tip 3: Explore the Ocean

Don't limit yourself to one spot in the ocean. Explore different areas and depths to find different types of fish. Use your boat to move around and find the perfect fishing spot.

Tip 4: Complete Quests

Completing quests will give you rewards and help you level up faster. Make sure to check the quest tab regularly and complete as many quests as possible.

Tip 5: Sell Your Fish

Selling your fish will give you money to buy upgrades and equipment. Make sure to sell your fish to the fish market regularly to earn more money.


  • Q: How do I catch rare fish?
  • A: Use different baits and explore deeper waters to increase your chances of catching rare fish.

  • Q: How do I upgrade my equipment?
  • A: Go to the shop and select the equipment you want to upgrade. Make sure you have enough money to buy the upgrade.

  • Q: How do I complete quests?
  • A: Check the quest tab and follow the instructions. Completing quests will give you rewards and help you level up faster.

  • Q: How do I sell my fish?
  • A: Go to the fish market and select the fish you want to sell. The price will depend on the type and size of the fish.

  • Q: How do I use the sonar?
  • A: Equip the sonar and use it to locate fish in deeper waters. The sonar will emit a sound wave that will bounce off fish and show their location on the screen.

  • Q: How do I know if I caught a rare fish?
  • A: Rare fish are usually bigger and have a different color than regular fish. They also give more money when sold.

  • Q: How do I level up?
  • A: Catching fish, completing quests, and selling fish will give you experience points. Once you have enough experience points, you will level up.

  • Q: Can I play Cat Goes Fishing Mobile offline?
  • A: Yes, you can play the game offline. However, some features may not be available without an internet connection.

Tips for a Better Gaming Experience

Make sure to play in a comfortable and well-lit environment to avoid eye strain and fatigue. Take breaks regularly to avoid getting too absorbed in the game. And most importantly, have fun!

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