Cat From The Lego Movie

cat from the lego movie

Hello and welcome to this article about the adorable cat from The Lego Movie. As a fan of the movie, I wanted to share some interesting facts and details about this beloved character.


The cat in The Lego Movie is a supporting character who belongs to the main protagonist, Emmet Brickowski. This feline friend is a chubby, orange tabby cat who loves to cuddle and play. She is often seen lounging around Emmet's apartment, and even helps him out during a pivotal scene in the movie.


The cat in The Lego Movie is designed to look like a classic Lego minifigure, with blocky features and a cute, cartoonish face. She has a bright orange body with white paws and a white belly, and her ears and tail are the same color as her body. Her eyes are big and expressive, and she has a perpetually content expression on her face.


The cat in The Lego Movie is a lovable and affectionate pet who adores her owner, Emmet. She is always ready to snuggle up with him and play, and even helps him out in a crucial moment by distracting the villainous Lord Business. Despite being a cat, she is able to understand and follow Emmet's commands, showing just how smart and loyal she is.

Role in the Movie

Although the cat in The Lego Movie doesn't have a major role, she is still an important and memorable character. Her presence in Emmet's life shows that he is a caring and responsible person, and her actions during the climax of the movie help to save the day. She may not be a superhero or a master builder like some of the other characters, but she is still a vital member of the team.


Since The Lego Movie's release, the cat has become a popular character among fans. She has been featured in various pieces of merchandise, including plush toys, keychains, and even a Lego minifigure. Her cute and cuddly appearance makes her a favorite among kids and adults alike.

Plush Toy

Plush Toy

The cat has been turned into a soft and huggable plush toy, perfect for snuggling up with during a movie marathon.

Lego Minifigure

Lego Minifigure

For fans who want to add the cat to their Lego collection, there is an official minifigure that includes both Emmet and the cat.



Carry the cat with you wherever you go with a cute and colorful keychain featuring her likeness.



Show off your love for the cat with a stylish and comfortable T-shirt featuring her image.

Action Figure

Action Figure

For collectors who want a more detailed and poseable version of the cat, there is an official action figure that includes multiple accessories.



Enjoy your morning coffee or tea with a delightful mug featuring the cat's adorable face.


  • What is the cat's name? The cat in The Lego Movie does not have an official name.
  • Is the cat a boy or a girl? The cat's gender is never specified in the movie.
  • What breed is the cat? The cat in The Lego Movie is a generic orange tabby cat, without any specific breed traits.
  • Does the cat speak? The cat does not speak in the movie, but she is able to understand Emmet's commands.
  • Why is the cat important to the story? The cat represents Emmet's caring and responsible personality, and also helps to distract the villain during a crucial moment.
  • What other characters does the cat interact with? The cat primarily interacts with Emmet, but she is also seen briefly interacting with other characters during the climax of the movie.
  • Is the cat featured in the sequel, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part? No, the cat does not appear in the sequel.
  • Is the cat a fan favorite? Yes, the cat has become a beloved character among fans of The Lego Movie.


If you're a fan of The Lego Movie's adorable cat, here are some tips for showing off your love for this lovable feline:

- Check out online fan communities and forums to connect with other cat fans and share your favorite cat-related content.

- Create your own custom cat merchandise, like T-shirts, mugs, or phone cases, using online print-on-demand services.

- Watch The Lego Movie with friends or family and point out all of the cat's cute and funny moments.

Closing Thoughts

The cat from The Lego Movie may not have a major role, but she is still a delightful and memorable character. Her cute and cuddly appearance, loyal personality, and important role in the story have made her a fan favorite among moviegoers of all ages. Whether you're a cat lover, a Lego enthusiast, or just a fan of good movies, the cat from The Lego Movie is sure to warm your heart.

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