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can cats sense when you're sad

Title: Can Cats Sense When You're Sad?

Greetings fellow cat lovers! As a writer and avid cat owner, I have always been fascinated by the emotional intelligence of our feline friends. One question that has been on my mind lately is whether cats can sense when we are feeling sad. After doing some research, I am excited to share my findings with you in this article.

Can Cats Sense Emotions?

First, let's explore whether cats are capable of sensing our emotions in general. The short answer is yes! Cats are very perceptive creatures and are able to pick up on subtle changes in body language, tone of voice, and even pheromones. They can detect when we are happy, stressed, anxious, and more.

How Do Cats React to Sadness?

Now for the question at hand: can cats sense when we are sad? The answer appears to be yes once again. According to a study conducted by animal behaviorists at the University of Lincoln, cats were observed approaching their owners more often and rubbing their heads against them when the owner was upset compared to when they were in a neutral or positive mood.

1 Body Language

1 Body Language

When we are sad, our body language changes. We may slouch, have drooping shoulders, and avoid eye contact. Cats are experts at reading body language, so they can pick up on these subtle cues and understand that we are feeling down.

2 Changes in Routine

2 Changes in Routine

When we are sad, we may not have the energy or desire to play with our cats or give them attention like we normally would. Cats can sense these changes in routine and may become more clingy or vocal to try and get our attention.

3 Pheromones

3 Pheromones

When we are stressed or sad, our bodies release different pheromones that cats can detect. They may become more affectionate or rub against us more to try and comfort us.

4 Empathy

4 Empathy

While it is difficult to determine whether cats feel empathy in the same way humans do, some studies have suggested that cats may be able to pick up on our emotional states and respond accordingly. This could explain why they seem to approach us more when we are sad.

5 Bonding

5 Bonding

Cats are social creatures and often form strong bonds with their owners. When we are sad, our cats may be trying to comfort us in the same way we comfort them when they are upset.


  • Can cats sense other emotions besides sadness?
  • Yes, cats can sense a wide range of emotions including happiness, anxiety, and fear.

  • Do all cats react the same way to sadness?
  • No, every cat is unique and may react differently to their owner's emotional state.

  • Can cats sense sadness in other animals?
  • It is possible, but more research is needed to determine the extent of their emotional intelligence.

  • What can I do to comfort my cat when I am sad?
  • Try spending some quiet time with your cat, petting them, and talking in a soothing voice. You can also offer them treats or toys to help distract them.

  • Can my cat become sad if I am sad?
  • While it is unlikely that your cat will become depressed or sad simply because you are, they may become more clingy or anxious if they sense that something is wrong.

  • Can cats sense when we are hiding our emotions?
  • Cats are very perceptive, but it is unclear whether they can detect when we are deliberately trying to hide our emotions.

  • Is it harmful for my cat to be around me when I am sad?
  • No, it is not harmful for your cat to be around you when you are sad. In fact, some experts believe that interacting with pets can have a positive effect on our emotional well-being.

  • Should I talk to my cat when I am sad?
  • While it might not make sense to some people, talking to your cat when you are sad can be helpful. They may not understand the words, but the sound of your voice can be soothing to both of you.

Tips for Comforting Your Cat

If you are feeling sad and your cat is trying to comfort you, here are some tips to help return the favor:

- Give your cat extra attention and affection

- Play soothing music or sounds

- Provide a cozy spot for them to snuggle up in

- Offer treats or toys to distract them


In conclusion, cats are incredibly perceptive creatures who are capable of sensing our emotions, including sadness. While the extent of their emotional intelligence is still being studied, it is clear that cats can be a source of comfort and support when we are feeling down. So the next time you are feeling blue, don't be surprised if your feline friend comes to comfort you!

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