3 Advantages of Why I Can Hear My Cat Breathing

Some of you may be questioning why I can hear my cat breathing. It happens when cats are breathing quickly, especially when they are sleeping. They are breathing rapidly that enables you to hear them.

Be aware of it as this rapid breath can be a sign of stress or multiple illnesses. It can be heart disease or other serious diseases. Here is some information that can be beneficial for you.

Understanding A Cat Normal Respiratory Breathing

When you can hear a cat breathing, you have to know about its normal breathing first. Then, you can guess its breathing is normal, or it signs something serious.

The normal respiratory rate in a cat is 16 to 40 breaths per minute. It can happen while resting calmly or even while sleeping. This number shows that your cat is healthy.

Cats breathing include small movements on their chest. So, if you view its chest moving hard, it indicates that a cat experiences labor breathing. Make sure that you are concerned about its breathing.

Observing How I Can Hear My Cat Breathing

In this stage, you can start your observation. You can apply a small effort to check whether the breathing is normal or abnormal.

Your checking should include an unusual breathing pace, like too slow, too fast, or even too noisy. Observe and listen to its breathing sound carefully.

You can start by measuring its respiratory rate while resting. You can count the breath numbers while it is sleeping as well. Remember that your counting should include inhaling and exhaling.

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Count using your phone every 30 seconds. Calculate how many breaths that occur during that period. You can compare this counting in various situations.

i can hear my cat breathing

Knowing about A Cat Rapid Breathing

Rapid breathing is also called tachypnea. It is a severe condition of a cat and can be a life-threatening condition too. That is why the cat breathes rapidly.

As mentioned earlier, there are multiple reasons why cats breathe rapidly. It shows a respiratory dysfunction that makes a cat get reduced oxygen. Once you notice this, you have to know further about several breathing disorders that may affect your cat.

As the concern about rapid breathing, this article only limits the information on it. Thus, measuring its respiratory rate can be an effective method in knowing it.

Use your watch or phone to count your cat’s breath. Be sure that it is not higher than 16 to 40 breaths per minute. If it is more than that number, it means your cat has rapid breathing.

The causes of rapid breathing can be various. It may happen due to warm temperature or stress. Besides, an overactive cat may show rapid breathing as well.

However, if your cat is too active, its rapid breathing will decrease after a few minutes. Allow your cat to have a calm rest. Then, you can check its breathing after some time.

Once its breathing does not improve, it can be a sign of a severe health condition. Its rapid breathing indicates the symptoms. Therefore, you have to seek help from your vet immediately.

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