6 Crucial Treatments You Have to Master When Learning How to Bathe A Cat Funny

You have to bathe your cat if they are smelly or picking up some parasites. Learning how to bathe a cat funny because they often don’t want to take a bath. Follow the tips below to make them enjoy the bathing time. As a result, your cat smells good and looks cute as before.

How to Bathe A Cat Funny? Brush Them First 

Your cat will be shocked if you directly put them in the water. As a result, the cat is afraid of water. It will be hard to take them a bath. Instead of doing that, you can brush them first. Brushing is the way to make the cats comfortable. It is also the way to remove extra fur before it clogs in your plumbing system. It is okay if you want to clean their ears. Use cotton balls and gently rub their ears to clean up the dirt.

Trim Their Toenails

Cats scratch when they feel uncomfortable, including bath time. The best way to prevent them from scratching you during bath time is by trimming their toenails first. You can do it a few hours before bath time. At least, their toenails will not harm you if they still scratch during bath time.

Gently Put Them On the Tub 

Learning the basic things on how to bathe a cat funny is important because cats hate to be in water. That’s why you have to put them gently on the tub. Timing is also important when dealing with bathing a cat. Ensure that they are comfortable before putting them in a tub. You can also let them play for a few moments after brushing their fur. It will be easy if you train them to play in the water. The more they get used to the water, the easier it is for you to bathe your cats.

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how to bathe a cat funny

Make Your Cat Comfort 

Ensure that your cat doesn’t panic once you put them in the tub. One way to keep them calm is by ensuring that they can stand easily. Put a towel on the bottom of the tub or a rubber mat. Then, start adding about three or four inches of warm water to the tub. Keep holding your cat gently to give a secure feeling.

Gently Pour the Water 

Pouring the water into the body of the cat is challenging. That’s why they gently pour the water into their bodies. Use a handheld sprayer, a pitcher, or a plastic cup to pour the water. Slowly pour the water and see how the cat reacts. You can add more water if they remain standing up and calm. Do it until they are thoroughly wet.

Clean the Face 

It is okay if you want to clean the face, but make sure you do it correctly. Pouring the water on their faces is dangerous. Instead of doing that, use a damp washcloth or towel to wipe off their face. Be careful when you wipe the cat’s eyes and ears. It is the most sensitive part of the body. There will be something to change with the cats if there is a problem with their sensitive parts.

Don’t forget to rinse their body until they are clean. Then, dry their fur right away with a towel and hair dryer. Now, you know how to bathe a cat funny without scratches.


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