About Us

PetWorld is an pet online media that has a vision of “Trusted Information Media”. With a mission to provide the latest information about the world of dog, cat, horse, fish and others, written by best Veterinary Doctor in the world.

PetWorld consists of Editors, Contributors and Reviewers who are competent in their respective fields and have more than 2 years of experience in the Veterinary World.

Who We Are

Prof. Dr. Yasmine Mamdouh Erfan M. Vet, Sp. PD-HKM
Mammal’s Pet Animal Diseases (Internal Disease)

Dr Alyx Stewart M. Vet, Sp. FKAnVet
Clinical Pharmacology and Veterinary Anesthesiology

Dr Cordelia Hopkins M. Vet, Sp. ParKVet
Veterinary Clinic Parasitology

Dr Ginevra Dunn M. Vet, Sp. br
Veterinary Plastic Surgery and Surgery

Dr Una Jennings M. Vet, Sp. PD-HTB
Large Animal Health Sciences

Dr. D K Patil M. Vet, Sp. PD-HTK
Small Animal Health Sciences

Dr. Dolittle M. Vet, Sp. HTU
Poultry Health Management Science

Dr. Herman F. Sass M. Vet, Sp. I
Aquaculture Health Sciences (Fish)

Dr. Herman Varnick M. Vet, Sp. OGH
Animal Obstetrics and Gynecology (Theriogenology)

Dr. Jan Pol M. Vet, Sp. KLH
Animal Head and Neck Health Sciences (Dentistry, ENT, Eye, Head and Neck Surgery)

Dr. Kendon M. Vet, Sp. PD-HKRAmp
Reptile and Amphibian Pet Animal Diseases (Internal Disease)

Prof Beth Canmore M. Vet, Sp. PD-HKU
Poultry Pet Animal Diseases (Internal Disease)

Prof Edda Mercia M. Vet, Sp. KB-SL
Zoo Management Science and Wildlife Health

Prof Harriet Plantagenet M. Vet, Sp. EmerMPKH
Medical Emergency Science and Animal Critical Care

Prof Kirsten Hanover M. Vet, Sp. KH
Skin, Feather, Hair, and Veterinary Health Sciences

Prof Latricia Saxe M. Vet, Sp. RDT
Radiology, Diagnostic Tools and Veterinary Technology

Prof Lorna Balliol M. Vet, Sp. PKVet
Veterinary Clinical Pathology

Prof Lyndon Stuart M. Vet, Sp. PAVet
Veterinary Anatomical Pathology

Prof Noreena Dunkeld M. Vet, Sp. KMVet
Veterinary Medical Conservation Science and Veterinary Medicolegal

Prof Stacy Blois M. Vet, Sp. PNKH
Comparative Science of Animal Clinic Feed and Nutrition

Prof Victoria Lancaster M. Vet, Sp. PH
Animal Behavior Science


Currently PetWorld has a Home Office with the following details:

1001 US-80 E, Bloomingdale, GA 31302, United States

Info Press Release : yasminemamdouherfan@gmail.com