American Curl Cat Breed: Characteristic, Personality & Care

The American Curl cat is a breed that was developed by crossing curly-coated domestic and straight-eared wild cats, then selectively breeding for the desired traits. These include its uniquely curled back ears as well as an elegant appearance with moderate muscle tone. They can vary in size but are generally slender rather than muscular.

American Curls cats are more like a member of the family than just an animal. They enjoy being in close proximity to their owners and will often follow them around, even if they’re not hungry or thirsty for anything! American Curls love interacting with humans and can be easily trained to play fetch. While less active than some breeds such as Abyssinians or Siamese cats, this breed is known for its intelligence which makes it easy enough to stay occupied without any trouble whatsoever!

american curl cat

Height 10 – 12 inch
Weight 5 – 05 pounds
Kid-Friendly  High
Friendliness  High
Shedding Amount Medium
Playfulness  High
Life span  8 to 10 years
Intelligence  High
Vocalness Medium
Colors All colors and patterns


The American Curl cat is unique as its ears curl backward, giving the appearance of being inside out. The amount of ear curling varies from kitten to kitten and there are no ways to tell what kinda particular adult will have until they’re older. The ears of a kitten are fascinating! They start off straight, but then gradually curve and turn while they grow for about four months.

American curl cats are known for their variety of colors and markings. These felines have been seen in every recognized shade, including rare colors like fawn or lilac, as well as a range of patterns such as tortoiseshell to the more common point coloring.

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Curls can be found with long-haired coats that lie close to their body while being relatively free from undercoat hair; they also come in short-coated versions which differ only slightly but still maintain this familiarity about them because at heart these animals are just bundles of love looking for someone new.

The American curl cat is a unique feline with the head of an owl, round eyes that are always alert for danger, and stretchy ears. The body has been modified to allow them to slink through tight spaces easily as any good housecat should!

american curl cat


The American Curl Cat is a playful, loving breed. Though the color and coat combinations are diverse, one thing that seems to be homogenous with these cats is their personality! It takes about 2-3 years for them to fully mature; this means they retain kitten energy well into adulthood and can remain spry and active far into their teens.


The American Curl Cat is a medium-sized domestic cat breed with an interesting name. They are often seen in different sizes, ranging from moderate to tiny. One of their most distinctive features is the way they have ears that curl up and down at will like it’s nobody’s business!


American Curl cats have medium-sized legs that are proportionate to their body. The paws of an American Curl cat are also medium and rounded, which makes them look adorable! The internet is full of pictures of these animals because they’re so cute!


American Curls are the most popular breed of cats in America, and this is not without reason. The head may be modified or wedge-shaped rather than flat planes with a moderate length that exceeds its width to emphasize these features while maintaining an elegant appearance for your feline friend. It has smooth transitions from nose straight down through eyes which then curve gently into their forehead before transitioning back into the neck – no break at all! These American Curl Cats have rounded muzzles paired nicely with gentle curves up towards where you will find their chin set right alongside it as well as the upper lip.

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american curl cat

The American Curl is a breed of cat that has an interesting head shape. Their heads are modified wedges but lack flat planes and have transitions that can be smoother than what you would see in other cats, making them the perfect pet for families with allergies! The nose should be straight and moderate in length, as well as having a slight rise from the bottom to top; it shouldn’t slope upwards too quickly or sharply though. Moving up towards its forehead, there’s a gentle curve without any break like those seen on common breeds such as Persians. This means they’ll fit nicely into your home décor if they’re not allowed outdoors much due to allergies because their fur will remain soft even when devoid of sunlight exposure! They also have rounded muzzles


These cats are not only cute, but they also have an interesting feature that is easily distinguishable. They could be described as having a 90-degree arc of ear curl which comes from the base to one-third height on its cartilage structure while maintaining a shape wide at the bottom and open curving back in smooth arcs when viewed from front or rear. The tips come around rounded and flexible with their ears set equally on top and sides of the head, erect without any drooping whatsoever despite how light this breed can get!


The American Curl Cat is a breed of domestic cat noted for its curled tail. The American curl has all colors and patterns, including pointed pattern, pointed with white, ticked tabby, shaded smoke chinchilla van bicolor

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American Curl Cats are a pretty consistent shedder, so it’s important to brush them two times per week. If you have long-haired cats with curls, comb the hair against the grain for any dead hairs near their skin.

The American Curl is a breed of cat with fur that curls up around its ears. These cats are very friendly and will quickly become your best friend if you give them the right amount of attention, which makes them perfect for people who live in apartments or small homes.

When they aren’t napping on top of your coffee table, these fluffy kitties enjoy playing fetch-the-hairball from across the room without fail!

The first step to taking care of an American curl’s ear is regular brushing. Brushing aside any loose hair can prevent matting and tangles that may cause infection so be sure to brush often! Once brushed, special care should be taken when cleaning out its little curly ears; although cotton swabs are not recommended

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