Are Peas Good for Dogs? Here is the Guide to Give Pea Vegetables for Your Canine Companion

Now that the spring season is approaching and various fresh products delivered straight from farmers’ market or garden are going to be available, you may have started to wonder questions such as are peas good for dogs? Normally, vegetables and fruits are not the primary part of dogs’ diet, so they mostly should be considered as occasional treat only. This article will provide you insight about adding peas or using peas as treat for your canine companion.

Be it fresh or frozen peas, they have sweet taste that makes great meal topper or treat most dogs would love. This specific ingredient is also commonly found in a lot of commercial pet food. In the following sections, you’ll read the benefits of peas, the different type of them, and the explained answer of are peas good for dogs or not.


Are Peas Good for Dogs Considering Their Nutritional Value?

are peas good for dog

Maybe it is not the first time that you catch yourself thinking and wondering are peas good for dogs. Peas are quite common food in many household – mainly because they are affordable and they suit with a wide range of dishes.

So, if peas are edible and healthy to consume for human, are peas good for dogs so they can eat safely? To go with a short answer, then yes, dogs may eat peas safely. They might even receive some health benefits from these specific food ingredients.

Peas have rich contents of vitamins, which includes vitamins A, B, and K. They are good sources of various minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron. Additionally, they are packed with fiber and protein as well. The lutein content in peas is an anti-oxidant that offers good health benefit for eye, heart, and skin. Specifically for dogs, peas are known to promote their digestion and skin, not to mention their positive effect on pets’ immune system.

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As mentioned before, vegetables and fruits are not the primary part of diet for dogs, the ways they are for dogs. That’s why it is better to use peas as occasional treat or snack, as a low calorie and healthier option for your canine friend.

Before you give peas to your dogs, there are some safety concerns that are worth to consider first. As always, it is better to ask are peas good for dogs to your dogs’ vet first before you decide to share any types of human food. Regardless of the high nutritional values carried by peas, they also have several drawbacks that require you to take moderation into account, such as bloating effect.

It is not recommended to give peas to dogs who possess kidney issues, because they contain purines. Purines are chemical compound that produces uric acid, which filtered by kidneys. When dogs have too high amount of uric acid in their body, this may lead to kidney conditions such as kidney stones.


Are Peas Good for Dogs Considering Their Nutritional Variety Types?

is peas good for dog

There are plenty of pea’s types out there. Each of them is slightly difference, but they all have unique nutritional value. Here are some of the examples and whether they are safe to be given to dogs.

  1. Frozen peas

As long as the frozen peas are included in green variety, then they can be safely consumed by dogs. Frozen peas might be served cooked or simply thawed for the pets.

In fact, it’s actually totally safe to let your canine companion eat several peas that are still in frozen conditions. They can be cooling and have nice crunchy texture to enjoy on hot days. Frozen peas don’t carry risk of being chokes such as ice cubes, due to their small sizes, but you need to make sure that the seeds are not lumped together.

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Commonly, frozen vegetables including peas are available in already chopped or diced form. You can simply thaw or cook the vegetables before offering them to your dogs.

  1. Garden peas

Are peas good for dogs if they are of garden variety? Yes, they absolutely are. These might be the best variety of peas to give to your pets. That being said, still you need to feed the peas in moderation.

  1. Pea pods

If you were to ask are peas good for dogs, if they are the variety of pea pods, then the answer can be yes and no. some pea pods are packed with fibers to create healthy and crunchy snack for the pets, but some other aren’t really edible.

The best rule of thumb to remember is that, if you can eat the pea pods safely, then so do your pets. It is also worth to note that whole pods have high risk of choking, especially for smaller breeds of dog, so it is best to cut them off into little pieces.

  1. Canned peas

Technically, canned peas can be considered safe to be given to dogs, especially in small numbers. However, it is recommended to avoid them. Most canned peas brands contain high amount of sodium because they used salt as preservative. High salt content can upset the stomach of your pets, and having them too much in the animal’s diet may result in various problems such as raising blood pressure, dehydration, or even as damaging as sodium poisoning.


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Are Peas Good for Dogs Considering The Given Amount?


Peas must be fed in moderated amount in order to prevent bloat and flatulence. Even a handful amount of them might be too many for your dog. You may want to only stick to a teaspoon amount of peas (for small breeds) and a tablespoon amount of peas (for large breeds). If you pet companion has never eaten these vegetables before, then make a test of feeding them only a couple of seeds to see if they can take and enjoy the taste of the peas.

In the end, whether the answer is yes or no to the question of are peas good for dogs, it depends on the healthy amount that you give them. The easiest way to use as a principle is that the vegetable and fruit treat should never be more than 10% of the entire daily calories that your dog consumes each day.

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