Australian Shepherd Price, the Basic Information and More

Finding out Australian shepherd price in your area is important before you decide to buy or adopt the dog. Australian shepherds or shortly known as Aussies are very prominent kind of dog. The breed is originally used to herd sheep and believed to have come to USA in the early 19th century when people often imported sheep for Australia. Here is the further information about the breed, including its price.


The Average Australian Shepherd Price

Australian Shepherd

Now, you need to know the Australian shepherd price. Aussie is considered as a good breed of dog, but they are not too exclusive. Therefore, it is believed the price is not going to be through the roof. Read the information above to find out the price or average amount of money you have to pay when you need to get a new Aussie puppy home.

  • How much is the Price?
    The average price of an Aussie in the USA is around $600 to $1,000. Australian shepherd price is affected by so many factors that you will learn more about below. The price can also skyrocket up to $2,000 or even $3,000 when the Aussie breed is exclusive and licensed, of course.
  • What Factor Affects the Price?
    The factors affecting the price are numerous. They are including the puppy’s age, the puppy’s sex, the quality of the breeders/their reputations, and of course it will base on the pedigree of the puppy as well. Moreover, the coat colors and the location of the breeder are often affecting the price.
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The Related Information to the Australian Shepherd Price

Australian Shepherd

After knowing the Australian shepherd price, it is better to also find out the basic information about the dog breed. Many people just understand very little about Aussies, and you need to figure out more about the breed before trying to keep them as pets. These are some of the basic facts and details about Aussies that you need to know.

  1. The Weight and Height
    The average weight for male Australian shepherd is around 50-65 pounds. For the female, they have the average weight of 40-55 pounds. As for the height, male Aussies can reach up to 22 inches, and the female is a bit shorter in 20 inches height average.
  2. The Lifespan
    Australian shepherd life expectancy is around 12-14 years. Yes, Australian shepherd price seems to worth everything because the dog can live for a long time, hence becoming a long-time companion for you and your family. The dog is also great for long-time livestock herding jobs if you are living in farms or countryside.
  3. The Coat and Grooming Need
    The colors of their coat are mostly black and red. Some other colors for Aussies are including blue merle and tan as well. They have straight, double coat that shed in moderate level. The length of coat is medium, and the dogs need moderate grooming.
  4. The Energy Level
    The dogs are very energetic and they do need to run a lot. This is why they are great for herding animals, especially sheep and livestock. They are also great as police dogs, and because of their easy-to-train nature, they do well in obedience trials, too.
  5. The Health Issues
    There are several prominent health issues related to Aussies. Most of them are eye problems, including cataracts and eventual blindness. Aussies are also prone to hip the dysplasia and allergies. The dogs have medium tendency to drool, and it is not considered a problem by most owners.
  6. The Attention Needs
    Aussies need high attention
    . The dogs do not like to be left alone. You will need to spend time with them. In addition, they are very vocal and will bark when they need your attention. However, they are also very protective toward the owners, and this is why they won’t do well around strangers, especially strangers who try to talk or be around the owners.
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Living with Australian Shepherd is Best When…

Australian Shepherd

Even when you have money to get the dogs, you need to understand that they need particular living condition. Living with Australian shepherd is best when you live in these kinds of situation. It will keep the dogs happy and healthy all the time. This is such essential information besides of the Australian shepherd price. Here they are.

  • You Have Kids and Other Pets
    Australian shepherd is a kind of dog that has friendly and protective nature. They do well with children and get along with other pets quite perfectly. Therefore, the families with kids and other pets at home are perfect for Aussies. They won’t give the owner any hard time because they love playing with children and can quickly get along with other pets.
  • You Don’t Travel Much
    The Australian shepherd price is not considered cheap by many people, and hence when you have these dogs, do not waste the opportunity to spend time with them. After all, they hate to be left alone. So, they are perfect for you who do not travel much. As stated before, the dogs need high attention need. This is why you need to spend time with the dogs frequently.
  • You Have Large Fenced Yard
    This breed is extremely energetic. They need to exercise more than 40 minutes per day. This is the reason why Aussies are best for those who live in countryside and in a property with large fenced yard. It will give the opportunity for the dogs to run around and to spend the energy properly. They are not a kind of dog that you can confine in small apartment room.
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In conclusion, these dogs are well-known for their beautiful coat, speed, and agility. The price is in the average level (it is not too cheap and not too expensive either). Moreover, Aussies are great pets, and they will do well in your house, especially when you live with children and other pets. Find the best breeders around your area, and get the best deal for the Australian shepherd price.

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