Complete Information on Beagles The Loyal Little Dog

The Beagle is a hunting dog from England which is also included in the category of the smallest dog breed. This dog is very friendly so it can interact with humans or other dogs well. If you know the Snoopy cartoon, then he is the type of dog that we will discuss this time. Having a small body, the Beagle is often used as a hunting dog by its owner.

They can smell a certain smell because that is one of its advantages. That is why this dog is often taken by people on the hunt. To find out more about this dog, the following will be explained regarding the characteristics, traits, food and how to care for a beagle in full.

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History of the Beagle

The beagle is one of the ancient breeds and has been known for centuries, for the problem of the name where the beagle came from is still a mystery. Some researchers say that the name comes from the Gaelic word Beagle which means “Little” and others assume that the name originates and refers to the French term “Beule” which is often said to command a dog on a hunt.

There are reports of this small hunting dog being employed to hunt rabbits in 55 BC in England by the Roman army. British state authorities also said that this animal is “the foothold of your country and comes from here” so that in the 1500s some men in the country began to develop a larger beagle race to hunt deer.

This breed began to arrive and became popular in America around the years after the war, and they were very well known as a reliable race in terms of hunting, and finally [in the 1900s the AKC began to register this breed as a unique breed.

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Characteristics of Beagle Dogs

Before going into the characteristics, please note that this dog is a dog that has been known as a hunting dog since the 15th century. The first type to be hunted was called the pocket beagle, where it had a smaller body than today’s Beagle.

From there, two types were derived, namely the South Hound and the North Country Beagle. Then the two breeds were crossed again with several different types, and finally in 1840 we have 4 types of Beagle known to this day, namely medium, dwarf, fox and terrier.

In 1950 appeared the character Snoopy and from there this dog began to be interesting to be kept by people. In general, the characteristics of Beagle dogs that can be seen with the naked eye are as follows:

  • Square muzzle with a fairly long size
  • His eyes have brown color and big eyeballs
  • The ears don’t stand up straight, but fall hanging down
  • The nose is black
  • The tail is standing up, not falling down.
  • The color of the fur is predominantly white, black, or brown.
  • The coat blends with a hint of a cat or orange hue.
  • The texture of the fur is smooth so it is easy to care for.
  • Height is usually between 26-29 cm for female dogs and 36-41 cm for males.
  • Adult Beagles usually weigh between 7 and 11 kg.
  • Lifespan between 12-15 years.
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Beagle Dog Traits

This dog has unique characteristics, because it has a variety of properties. The main thing is that this dog will be friendly when you are with humans, so you don’t have to worry about introducing the beagle directly to the children in your family.

Here are some of the traits and characteristics of other Beagle dogs:

  • Active, energetic move from childhood. You should start training this dog from a young age. You can also take regular walks, for example in the morning and evening.
  • No need to worry because Beagles will be friendly to children and other animals. These dogs are known as social animals.
  • This dog is included in the superior breed, therefore they are intelligent dogs.
  • The nature of hunting is natural, therefore do not mix this dog with your pet which is a game, such as a pig or deer.
  • Always maintain security, always bark when meeting strangers. This trait makes this dog suitable to be a guard dog.
  • Even so, this dog is difficult to train because it requires extra patience. So it is highly recommended to be trained since childhood so that as an adult Beagle is active and adorable.
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How to Take Care of This Dog

How to care for this dog is not too difficult. Treatment can be divided into two, namely care for beagle puppies and care for adult dogs.

1. Caring for Beagle Puppies

Beagle Puppies

For puppy care, make sure you know and are able to meet all his needs so that he adapts quickly. Make sure the environment in your home is safe enough to keep a beagle puppy.

This dog is always biting with foreign objects in front of him, so you need to stay away from objects in the house that can harm the puppy. Make introductions to the puppy so that the dog from a young age knows who owns it.

Can also be introduced to family members at home. Give quality food regularly and occasionally take a walk. Not only that, keep the cage or residence of the beagle chicks clean so that they are always protected from the dangers of disease and health problems.

2. Caring for Adult Beagles

Adult Beagles

For adults, a place is needed from the beginning of their arrival. Place it in a cage or a large enough place in your house, and complete it with a bed for it. Then complete it with a toilet filled with sand. Then the dog will adapt to the new place you provide.

Food is provided regularly with the best quality. Avoid choosing unhealthy foods such as offal because they contain bad fats. Clean the cage regularly and bathe the beagle. Do not let the beagle feathers get wet, after bathing make sure to be given a towel to dry.

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Even so, the beagle’s fur is short, so it doesn’t need special care. You can also practice simple tricks to keep them active and energetic. Don’t forget to vaccinate your beagle at least once every 6 months to the vet. Beagles will grow up healthy and adorable.

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