Bernese Mountain Dog Price and Other Factors to Consider Before Getting One

Bernese mountain dog price is relatively high compared to other breeds. However, chance is, cost factor won’t deter you from wanting to get one as new addition to your family, as they are known to have affectionate and energetic characteristics.

Getting enough information about the breed, such as Bernese mountain dog price and their characteristics, is necessary before you set out your decision. This article will provide an insight of how much it’d cost to get the canine pet from rescue and breeder, as well as other aspects you have to consider before becoming pet parent.


Bernese mountain dog Price from Rescue Groups and Breeders

Bernese Mountain Dog

The average Bernese mountain dog price varies a lot – it depends on their pedigree, age, and the purchasing place. In general, however, you can expect that getting the pups from rescues are far more affordable than getting them from breeders.

To determine where you should obtain one, you need to consider about your intentions. Regardless of what it is, you certainly want reasonable price to adopt a healthy canine friend. Here is a short guide on the Bernese mountain dog price from both rescues and breeders.

From a rescue

As mentioned in prior, acquiring Bernese mountain dog from rescue groups will cost you a lot lower compared to buying from a breeder. The adoption fee of dog via animal shelter in general cost under $100. Meanwhile, breed-specific rescue organization will require you to spend around $300 – $400.

If you want to save a bit of your budget, then adopting senior dogs is usually cheaper. That being said, taking care of older dog is usually more costly than little pup – depending on its health and age. Even so, providing good and loving home for older dogs during their final years can feel more rewarding.

From Breeder

Bernese mountain dog price obviously varies from one breeder to another. However, generally speaking, the cost is higher if you choose dogs with purer bloodlines.

The standard cost of getting quality pup from reputable and trustworthy breeder is approximately $1,500 – $3,000. Moreover, Bernese Mountain pups with superior pedigree and top breed lines can cost anywhere at $3,500 – $6,000.

Puppies that possess more similar traits and characteristic with purer breed standard will cost you more. As an example, the breed standard characteristic of Bernese mountain dog is the symmetrical markings.

Keep a note that you need to do proper research before purchasing from a breeder, to make sure that you get healthy pup without history of disease. Investing in physically healthy dog helps to save money in the long-term.

For those of you who are interested in a show dog, then it’d be a good to purchase a pup with prize lineage. For those of you who are simply looking for a family pet, then doing adoption would be a wiser decision.

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What Else to Consider Besides Bernese Mountain Dog Price

Bernese Mountain Dog

Beside Bernese mountain dog price, there are other factors you need to take into your account before settling into your decision, especially related to the breed’s requirements. Here are some things worth to know about Bernese pups if you’re thinking of getting one:


One of the most prominent physical characteristics of Bernese Mountain dogs is their extremely thick coats, so better be ready for an abundance of shedding. In terms of coats maintenance, these dogs require good brush few times a week. You may even need to groom them on everyday basis during fall and spring seasons, which are the peaks of their shedding. To keep the dog comfortable and heavy, you need to keep the grooming game up by investing on shedding tool such as decent brush or comb.

Another thing you should know about this particular breed, is that the dogs tend to drools so much. So, you also need to invest time to mop out the upcoming wet mess on your house.


Bernese Mountain dogs are known to be active and energetic. Originally bred as working dogs, they have to be kept active in terms of physical and mental states. You also need to remember that due to the fact that this breed came from snowy and cold mountain regions, they have to avoid being overheated, especially on summer.

It will be optimal for the dogs to exercise minimum one hour daily. The exercise can be split into several walking sessions around your area. Moreover, this breed also requires decent amount of playtime, free time, and training time in safe open space. During chilly days, they would love to be taken on extra-long walks.

Training and socialization

Bernese Mountain dogs are clever breed who like to please their pet parents. This makes the dogs easy to train, especially if you’re an experienced owner. Starting from young age, they must be trained with positive encouragement and reward system, so when they begin to grow to be big and powerful, they will be well-trained already. If it is the first time that you’re going to be a pet owner or if you aren’t really experienced with this particular breed, then it’s recommended to ask accredited trainer’s help.

You may promote socialization for Bernese Mountain dogs by letting them to interact with other dogs and a lot of people to gain various experiences. They need to get used to socialize so they’d grow to be confident pet, as the breed is known to have sensitive trait.

The dogs are already known to be easily attached to the owners, so they may go through separation anxiety if you’re not around for long time. Try to spend time with them as much as possible to build a strong bond.

Doing some research about Bernese mountain dog price and other information related to the breed is necessary if you’re planning to purchase or adopt one. There are plenty of breeders and rescue organizations out there that can help you to find ethically-sourced and healthy puppies.

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It is important to know what you are in for when getting a Berner dog, in order to be a responsible owner. Regardless of which Bernese mountain dog price ranges that suit with your budget, you’d get friendly and energetic extra member of the family.

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