Brown Horse and All Horse Breeds with Brown Coat Details

It is very easy to find brown horse around the world. After all, brown is one of the most popular coat colors for horses. If you are into horses or want to understand more about them, you should be able to read a lot more information here, particularly the brown-colored horses below. Learn about them and understand how fascinating they are.


The Popular Horse Breed with Brown Coat

There are hundreds of horse breeds all over the world and many of them are well-known for their brown coat. These are some of the most popular horse breeds with natural brown-colored coat that you need to know. They are quite famous breeds, and they are synonymous with brown horse as they were basically born with brown coat already.

1.  American Standardbred

American Standardbred

American Standardbred is well-known as racing horse. They have this signature posture of longer body, and the legs look shorter as well. They are well-known for their brown coat, and they are not necessarily found in America only because these houses are very popular around the world these days.

2. Hackney

This breed is believed to be originated from the British isle. They are tall and have smaller-sized ears. The breeds are mostly well known for their brown coats, but they are also born with several other colors, including chestnut and black.

3. Marwari


In addition, Marwari is Indian horse breed. The signature look of the horse is the ears, which are mostly curved inward. They have brown coat with patches. Moreover, the patches are in white color, and sometimes black, too. The horses are in standard height, and they look so majestic sometimes.

4. Morgan

Morgan horse

Morgan breed comes from America. The horses are used for their performance as they love hauling heavy items. The most popular coat color for Morgan horses is brown, but they can be found in chestnut and reddish color coats as well. These days, this breed is often used for racing.

5. Mustang

Mustang is one of the most popular breeds when it comes to brown horse. They come from Spain and have been around since 1500s, making it one of the most “senior” horse breeds that are still in existence today. Mustang has brown coat in darker shade. It makes them look stoic and majestic. They are often used for racing to this day.

6. Andalusian

Andalusian horse

Next, Andalusian is a kind of horse with beautiful appearance. This Spanish breed has thick brown coat or sometimes in white and reddish colors. They are used for competition horses since they are easy to train and have great disciplines in their nature.

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The Other Popular Horse Coat Colors

Besides brown horse, you will see many other coat colors on horses. They are including black and grey. To understand more about other popular horse coats, you can read the information below. It should help you figuring out some other colors considering prominent for the horse coat. Let’s check the details.


Black Horse

Besides brown horse, black becomes a very popular color for horses. The term “black horse” even becomes the moniker for something else, like underdog or someone who is not expected to win something. Black horses are considered majestic, and some of the most popular breeds to have horses born completely in black coat are including Arabian horses and Friesian horses.


Grey Horse

Furthermore, grey is also a popular color for horse coat. This is often considered to be the standard color for black horses which have aged as well, even though the case is rare. Some of the breeds with natural grey color on are including Lipizzaner horses and Percheron horses.


Chestnut horse

In addition, chestnut color is also prominent for horses. They look so beautiful and slightly lighter on the shade. There are several breeds of horses that are well-known for their chestnut-colored coats, and they are including Paso Fino and Suffolk Punch horses.

Reddish-Brown (Bay)

Reddish-Brown horse

Reddish-brown is also known as the bay colors. There are many breeds of horses with this kind of colors. Some of the most noticeable ones are including Akhal-Take horses and Cleveland Bay.


Taking Care of the Brown Horse

When you own a beautiful brown horse, surely you need to know how to take care of the brown coat, especially during colder time like around winter or early spring. These are the most essential tips on how to take care of those brown-colored horses and keep the coat beautiful, nice-looking and of course healthy. Here are the tips.

1. Use Currycomb


Currycomb is a must when it comes to combing the horse coat. The comb has long sticks on it to make sure you can comb the coat through. It prevents the tangled and wrinkly coats as well. You have to own a currycomb when you have a horse. It is cheap to buy, and you can find it basically anywhere, including on the online stores.

2. Apply Conditioner

Horse Conditioner

Conditioner is useful to keep the horse coat nice and sleek. Therefore, apply conditioner on your brown horse, including on feet. Horse’s feet are often getting unnecessary spots from the weather and these spots can be easily removed by applying or spraying some conditioners and rub it off.

3. Use Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is very useful when it comes to eliminate the white spots on horse coat. Sometimes, the cold weather makes horses develop white dry spots on their coats. These spots can be eliminated easily by using the rubbing alcohol and damp cloth. It will help the spots to go away without putting the horse through some painstaking processes.

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Well, that is basically everything you have to understand about the horses and how to take care of their luscious, beautiful brown coat. Of course, there are many other popular colors for horse coats as explained above, but it is safe to say that brown is one of the most prominent colors for this four-legged animal indeed. That information above is more than enough to keep you informed about the brown horse.

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