Cairn Terrier Mix Physical Features, Personality, and How to Care for Them Right

Talking about Cairn terrier mix will need you a thousand hours to finish. This is because this breed has many different ‘parent’ that is matched with Cairn terrier, as long as the other parent is a pure breed. Therefore, you can expect many variations from this breed and not to mention, the personality of one Cairn terrier mix may be different with other mix, especially if their parents are different.

As said, you can have cairn terrier mix by mixing cairn terrier with pure breed dogs, such as Maltese, shih tzu, Welsh corgi, dachshund, etc. That makes a lot of variation can be made. Of course, if you want to adopt or purchase your dog, you need to know a glimpse of the dog itself, right? This article will show you what breed can be mixed with Cairn terrier to make a surviving mix and how to care for your furry friend.


Cairn Terrier Mix: What Breeds are Possible to be Matched with Cairn Terrier?

In terms of matching Cairn terrier, you can have a lot of possibilities. From Pomeranian to Shiba Inu, or poodle and yorkie, all can be mixed with Cairn terrier and give you a viable cairn terrier mix. Obtained from, here you can get what mix you can have with a cairn terrier:

1. Carkie Pretty

Carkie Pretty

Carkie Pretty much implied in its name, carkie comes as the filial of Cairn terrier and yorkie. Relatively mini in size with a furry coat makes carkie one of the best cuddle buddies. Not to mention, it can be your ultimate pick if you dream of a mini playful housemate. However, in spite of its sweet personality, this Cairn terrier mix can be a bit alert—which it inherits from its terrier parent. Thus, you can have a great watchdog as well if you have a carkie.

2. Doxie Cairn

Doxie Cairn

Its look may be deceiving as it looks almost like a 100% copy of dachshund. But if you take a look at it more, you’ll notice that doxie cairn has furrier coat (and it has a bit curls) when compared with its dachshund parent. This mix can be a bit stubborn when trained just like terrier parent. But basically, this breed is an intelligent buddy—although not as cuddly as this bigger fellow: golden retriever.

3. Cairn Corgi (you’ll know it from its name)

Cairn corgi

The mix of Welsh corgi and Cairn terrier makes an affectionate, furry housemate that is also smart. What’s special from this mix is its low tendency to bark or howl: pretty much different when compared to its Cairn terrier and Welsh corgi parent. Due to its affectionate nature, it is friendly to strangers, even though sometimes it can be barking much out of its suspicion towards somebody unknown at house. Lastly, if you are a neat freak, you should know that this breed shed quite a lot—given that their parents have this trait, too.

4. Cairanian


Never be puzzled by its cuteness! Cairanian is a furry cairn terrier mix that just like its parents, it has furry coat as well. If you have kids that love to play around, cairanian would be a great play mate for your children as they are energetic. Their curiosity can be pretty helpful when they are trained for tricks. Plus, due to its parents’ above-average alertness, they can be pretty noisy if they meet something weird or ‘alien’ to them. So, early socialization and training are the keys to avoid them barking too much over something.

5. Shairn-inu

Derived from shiba inu parent and Cairn terrier, you can have this mix as a possessive housemate that craves for attention. Despite the seemingly-bad trait, shairn-inu isn’t a breed that you won’t frown upon. Just like its Cairn terrier parent, loyalty is born as number one tagline for its life.

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How to Care for Cairn Terrier Mix


When you decide to have a cairn terrier mix, then the first thing you should do is to have some references about how the parents behave. For example, if you plan to adopt a carillon—which is basically the mix between cairn terrier and papillon—you should know that carillon is very curious and tends to be a bit ‘busier’ as a dog. Its curiosity builds a good port for training, and not to mention: a watch dog.

But knowing your dog’s personality isn’t the only key to care for your dog better. You will need to dig more whether it is a mix that is perfect for your living situation. To help you, these questions will help you while digging more information about the dog’s personality:

  • Does your dog need a constant attention from its owner?
  • Will it tolerate staying alone?
  • Does it tend to bark a lot when stressed, bored, or seeing something suspicious?
  • Does it need daily play time?
  • Will it be OK to have your dog with other pets or children (if any)?

Such questions will help you to determine whether the mix is the right dog for you.


Everyone loves to have their dog plays tricks that they train. When talking about Cairn terrier mix, you should be intrigued about the trainability of both Cairn terrier and the other pure breed matched together. As for the Cairn terrier itself, the breed is quite hard to train despite its above average intelligence. That’s why it’s advised to train your cairn terrier since its puppyhood—the earlier the better.


Given that the Cairn terrier has average potential for weight gain, you should consider about the other parent’s tendency to gain weight. If your dog has a parent that tends to gain weight, consulting your vet about how to feed your Cairn terrier mix should be done. Some breeds really love to dig in and have that tendency to put on weight. Unfortunately, this can lead to various serious health problems just like that in humans.

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Last but not least, learn before how to groom your dog right. Several breeds may be that easy to groom (just as simple as brush and go), but some others can be more needy. Cairn terrier mix is considered as one of the easiest breeds to groom, now what’s left to learn is the other parent’s tendency to shed furs, the needs for cleaning often, etc.

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