Can Dog Eat Honey for Their Health Beneficiaries?

Can a dog eat honey as there are health benefits associated with it? It is safe for dogs to take small amounts of raw honey. Raw honey has some health benefits to dog as a human does.

The Reasons Why Need To Feed Honey to Dogs

Honey has been promoted as a supplement for people and pets including for dogs. Raw honey has a healthy benefit with microbial and antifungal agents that work as inflammation reduction, treat allergies, sore throats, and sore stomach ulcers. Honey also comes with antioxidants; vitamins and minerals that keep your dog stay healthy. It can help to control healthy weight and skin issues. However, due to high sugar content, you need to feed with caution.

  1. It helps your dog allergy. Can a dog eat honey if it has an allergy? The answer is yes; the dog can get a health benefit from raw honey. As honey contains flower pollens, it slowly introduces pollens to your dogs. It will help creates antibodies that prevent the autoimmune response into airborne pollens.
  2. It helps your dog’s skin problems. If your dog has issues with skin such as eczema, insect bites, hot spots, or scratches wound, apply topical honey to soothe and heal. Enzymes in honey also stimulate the growth of healthy skin.
  3. Apply raw honey for throat and coughing issues when your dog has sore or cough throat.
  4. Help your dogs with digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation, and indigestion. Prebiotics and probiotics in honey have a health benefit for digestive issues.
  5. Boost energy. Honey has sugar that broke down and gives your dog bursts of energy. If your dog is an athlete, or doing a running or agility competition, it is best to feed with honey.
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can dog eat honey


Safe Amounts to Feed Dog with Honey

Never give honey to dogs under 1 year old. Raw honey may contain Clostridium botulinum spores. The spores can make puppies very sick since puppies are staging at developing their immune system. You can ask your veterinarian to know the right dosage to feed your dog with honey.

A teaspoon of raw honey is a significant amount that safe to feed into your dog. It has 70 calories and 17 grams of sugar. Smaller dogs may prefer to take less of a teaspoon. To feed honey to a dog, you can do these things below:

  • Spread thin layer to their snacks or food.
  • Put honey in fruits.
  • Coat spatula with honey and let your dog lick it.

When to Avoid Feed Dog with Honey

In case your dog has health problems, you need to aware of their health condition. If your dog is obese and has diabetes it is bests to avoid feed honey to them. Raw honey is high in calories. Diabetic dogs are also not recommended to consume honey as it has a high GI and risks increasing blood sugar at unhealthy levels.

When you feed a dog with honey, you also need to brush your dog’s teeth as well to prevent tooth decay as well.  Pay attention to the caution of can a dog eat honey before you feed your dog.



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