Can Dog Eat Pears?

can dog eat pears might be a question that appears in your mind as a doting dog owner. Let’s find out the answer.

Can Your Dog Eat Pears?

can dog eat pears? This might be the biggest question you want to answer especially if you want to give varied meals for your dog. It is okay to give your dog pears to be sure. It is a good choice to give pears to your dog because it is healthy and many dogs just love it. Pears might come with various kinds of nutrients that can be great for your dog but it does not mean that you can give them pears freely. Remember, pears come with high sugar content. You can just give pears as an occasional treat.

Health Benefits of Pears for Your Dog

Why are pears considered healthy for your dog? You need to look at the nutrient content in pears. It comes with a high amount of vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Those are important nutrients that must be found in the dog’s diet. Per cup of pears contains about five grams of dietary fiber that will boost the dog’s digestive health. However, because a little piece of pear can go a long way in its digestive system, it is better to start treating your dog with a little bit of pear when you know the answer to the can dog eat pears question.
Can Dog Eat Pears?

How Much and How to Serve Pears for Your Dog

can dog eat pears? Yes, your dog can eat pears but you need to make sure that you do not give it too much pear. According to the vet, you can only give treats that can fill 10% of the calories needed by the dog from its daily diet. The treats will include the pears, of course. You need to know the amount of sugar in the pear to make sure that you do not give too much to your dog. Fresh pears usually come with 10% of sugar by its weight. In every cup of chopped pears, there are about 85 calories and 15 grams of sugar.
You might want to try some ideas to serve pears as dog treats. First of all, you can try to make smoothies from pear, yogurt, and a little bit of cinnamon. The rest of the smoothie can be made into popsicles. You can also add grated pears to the regular dog’s meal to enhance the aroma. You can freeze pear chunks along with other fruits that are friendly for your dogs like raspberries, cucumber, or mango.
Can Dog Eat Pears?

Dangerous Parts of Pears for Your Dog

Although when you ask about can dog eat pears the answer is yes, you still have to make sure that you only give your dog a small number of pears occasionally. You do not want to give it too much because pears are rich in fiber and sugar that can upset your dog’s digestive system if you give it too much. You also have to make sure that you remove seeds, leaves, and stems of the pear completely from the serving. You must not give any pear to diabetic dogs.
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