Can Dogs Eat Cheerios? Make Sure to Read This Article before Giving the Cereal

The time you got cheerios for breakfast and your dog starts to drool, you may start asking yourself, ‘can dogs eat cheerios?’ Well, you are not the only one that asks so. Cheerios is undeniably easy meal that costs low and most importantly, delicious—even for both species. Your dogs may not like its taste, but its texture, which is crunchy, has its special spot on your dog’s heart. Moreover, cheerios have a dog-food-like size. That’s why your dog never resists getting them as treatos!

Talking about ‘Can dogs eat cheerios?’ will lead you to a question, is the nutrient good enough for dogs? In addition, you may also start to ponder: is it harmful for dogs to have cheerios constantly? Turns out that cheerios aren’t as cheery as it sounds, especially for your pets!


Well, Can Dogs Eat Cheerios?


Filled with carbs, cheerios make a perfect bowl of breakfast meal for your day. As you begin to pour the cereal to your bowl, it sounds attracts another one in the house: your hound. Probably it mistakenly takes the sound of cereal being poured to a bowl as their meal time, which is, to be said frankly, a bit similar. So, can dogs eat cheerios?

To answer your question, we should begin investigating what cheerios contains first. A bowl full of cheerios may cheer your morning; as it makes you to have an upsurge of calories that will power you to do your daily works. Its dry version itself is already good—although not that finger-licking as those leftover pizzas—and at some point, you must have tasted it without milk.

Per 100 grams of cheerios, you can expect calories as whopping as 378.8 kcal – pretty much a perfect amount for breakfast, but not for your dog, of course. Cheerios’ source of calories comes from sugar and grains that are included in it. Not to forget, the fats and proteins as well. It can be a hearty food for almost people, but as said, it’s not the right meal for dogs.

Let’s repeat it again, can dogs eat cheerios? It’s completely different if you give it as occasional treats. One or two circles won’t do harm, though. Your dog may even love it that it gives a little bit sweetness to their palate. Keep it in low amount. Cheerios is not equipped with nutrition for dogs, and you should not switch its ‘official’ treats with this cereal. There is something waits if you give your furry canine too much of cereal.

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Can Dogs Eat Cheerios: What May Happen if They Eat Them Many and Constantly?

Can Dogs Eat Cheerios

You may have learned that cheerios have various variants: from the original version of cheerios to toasted coconut, maple, blueberry, banana nut, to even chocolate peanut butter. Each variant of cheerios comes with its own nutrition facts, which can be pretty different from the original one. But in terms of ingredients, one thing that is surely owned by all cheerios variants is the grains and sugar.

Before digging deeper into the reason why dogs should not eat cheerios too many, it’d be better to underline that, grains are beneficial for humans in order to fulfill our daily nutritional needs. Carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and a bunch of vitamins and minerals are what you can benefit from grains.

It does not mean dogs are not using grains as their food, though. Dog food manufacturers have been using grains as their ingredients. Just like what grains do to humans, dogs can expect carbohydrates, vitamin, and minerals. Grains help dry food to get its crunch and solid shape—not merely a nutritional filler.

Two main grains that are often used as ingredients in dog food are corn and wheat. However, these days dog food manufacturers don’t use both ingredients that often. So, in replacement, there are oats, barley, and rye. Some manufacturers may even go grain-free as they use peas, sweet potatoes, and beans to replace the need in grains.

As you have known the answer of ‘can dogs eat cheerios?’, let’s proceed more in knowing what may come as the consequences when your dog eats grains too much.

  1. First, your dog will be more prone to a weight gain. In spite of its playfulness and intense training, too sugary food may lead your dog to a possible weight gain. Your question ‘can dogs eat cheerios?’ may be answered by ‘yes’—but unfortunately, the risk that comes along will be perilous for your dog’s health in the long-term.
  2. Diabetes may also knock down your dog’s health. This disease is often associated with the aforementioned drawbacks of sugary food.
  3. UTIs – also known as Urinary Tract Infections. Sounds quite irrelevant with digestive tract, but this disease is often led by a prolonged consumption of grains coming from Cheerios.
  4. You may also need to notice whether your dog develops signs of infections or not. Grains may trigger an allergic reaction to some dogs.


Can Dogs Eat Cheerios? What to Do then if Cheerios isn’t the Comfort Food?

dog eating cheerios

First of all, never let any human food be your dog’s regular treats; or even more, a comfort food that you introduced. Stick with their dry food or you can simply prepare them a non-grain-based treats. Invest your time in making these homemade treats which is usually not too difficult to make yet healthier for your dog. You can search online for how to make the jerkies instead of searching ‘can dogs eat cheerios?’

For example, if you want to make a beef jerky for your dog, all you need to do is this procedure:

  1. Thinly slice beef and put it on a separate container. Make sure to clean it well before slicing it.
  2. Preheat your oven, set it to 275F.
  3. No need to marinate your beef slices—just place it on top of a wire rack which covers a rimmed baking tray. Make sure to give spaces between the pieces.
  4. Now that you’ve finished putting your beef slices, continue baking your beef slices until it dehydrates—in most cases 2 hours are enough.
  5. Take it off from your oven and let cool before giving it to your dog.
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So, can dogs eat cheerios? Well, dogs can eat it. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t let your dog eats it as comfort food or even making it as its daily food. Also, consider the health risks that may emerge if they continuously eat that grainy cereal.

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