Cheagle Personality Traits and How to Care for Them

Both Chihuahua and Beagle will make a dream dog to have—yet if you are confused which one to make, Cheagle will do best for you. What is this Cheagle, anyway? Simply said, Cheagle is the combination of both Chihuahua and Beagle. There are various names to call this specific breed though, such as Chihuahua and Beagle mix, Chi-Bea, Beagle-Chi, etc. Keep it short, you’ll have Cheagle. It sounds cute, doesn’t it?

Talking about this breed will not let you go far from talking about the features of the parents. From size to its habit, how to keep its health and how to care this breed, all of them resemble with the features of Chihuahua and Beagle. If you don’t understand much about these breeds, don’t worry. This article will show you how the filial characteristics are, including how to take care of them.

Cheagle History and Characteristics

If you plan to adopt or purchase a cheagle, you better know how this breed was ‘introduced’ to public back then. Cheagle is a designer breed, meaning that the parents were intentionally matched—and that’s how cheagles come to earth. This breed is considered as a relatively new breed, given that it was introduced to public just in late 1990s. North America was where the breed introduced first.

Cheagle makes to be a perfect lap dog, given that its size is relatively small. Most cheagles weigh around 20 to 30 pounds and its height reach 9 to 14 inches, at the shoulder. Cheagles mostly own multicolored coats, ranging from white, black, brown, and cream. The colors are often the mix of their Chihuahua and Beagle’s coats. On a rare occasion, the coat may come as a solid color.

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With its typical short fur and naturally shiny coats, cheagles are considered as an easy breed to groom. Its fur doesn’t shed a lot, unlike larger breeds like golden retrievers or even huskies. Due to their easiness to groom, bubble baths should be seldom done to avoid getting flaky skin – as it is a common occurrence in this breed. After all, they need the natural skin oil to keep their coats shiny.

Cheagle tends to be very active and it loves to play outside. However, since cheagle has short furs, this breed isn’t a good match with extreme weather. Therefore, you’ll probably require some kinds of coat for winter. And in contrast, you’ll probably want to apply sunscreen good for dogs in an extremely hot summer.

Not only cheagle loves to play outside, they can be pretty active too when kept inside. Their energy levels will suit young adults compared to older ones—and it’d make a perfect house dog to keep your children busy enough ‘til they forget their phones or video games. Cheagle may become your ultimate lap dog given that the size is perfect to carry and cuddle them in your lap, but one thing for sure: cheagle prefer playing to cuddling!

Barking cheagles are pretty common, yet you can train them since puppyhood to avoid getting noisy house. This barking tendency comes after both parents and that’s why cheagles will make a good watchdog as well. However, if you have many people to come and go your house, consider to train your pup not to bark that often, as earlier said. Cheagles are quite difficult to train despite their above-average intelligence, compared to other breeds.

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Know How to Care Cheagle Better

  1. Trainability

If you plan on having cheagle as your pet, consider taking them from a young age. This will ease you to train them – especially because they have a big tendency to bark and howl at someone they do not know. Besides, their mouthiness and prey drive is considerable high despite their medium-small size.

  1. Friendliness

Cheagles are also that breed which doesn’t love to be left alone. Therefore, it’s best to keep them accompanied especially if you own a one-person household. Their loyalty is one ultimate aspect that even us humans should envy. They may latch only to their favorite person, but to get along with all family members is also listed as their skills. Just underline that they don’t like to be alone.

  1. Physical and emotional needs

As said earlier, this breed has a high energy and is very playful. They tend to do intense activities (for dogs), yet cheagles are considered as quite difficult to train. To compare it with something, cheagle’s energy is like fireworks: it pops, it sparkles, yet to control its sparks is quite difficult.

Despite being extremely loyal to family members, cheagles don’t like strangers. That’s why earlier we mentioned that they tend to bark and howl a lot. Strangely enough, cheagles have a considerable wanderlust; probably due to its high energy nature. Therefore, to catch a ground zero for cheagle’s contradicting needs, you can do these below:

  • Have them first as a pup, if possible
  • Train them not to bark to guests as early as possible
  • If you are not a single-household, make every family member to handle the dog equally
  • Take them to meet a lot of people, which will train them to lower down their guards.
  • Take them to walk routinely.
  1. Feeding

Consider talking to your vet regarding the perfect diet for your cheagle. You should adjust its diet as the dog grows over time. In addition do not ever overfed your cheagles since this breed has a tendency to be overweight despite its high energy. Plus, consider feeding them according to a schedule.

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Given that this dog has a big tendency to become overweight, physical training and diet control will become two ultimate ‘tricks’ to avoid this. Your dog has a tendency to suffer from diabetes as well—hence, never take a random food for your dog without consulting it to your vet first.

One more thing: treats are good enough to handle their stubbornness while trained. But if done overly, it’d make them to ask more without any progress made. Therefore, give treats only if they become capable to do something right—not to induce them to do what you want.

If you are thinking about having an active dog that could be a good watchdog, cheagle could be your best bet. But you know what it takes to train them. If you think you are a patient, loyal, and consistent guy, cheagles can be the perfect pet for you to train and live with!

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