The Friendliest Cat Breeds to Human Owner and Fellow Pets

It is quite common for people who aren’t familiar with cats to look for the friendliest cat breeds when they are planning to get feline companion. Cats are the creatures that are known to have independent characteristic, which may come off as standoffish sometimes.

Despite the stereotype, each of the cats has individual personalities, just like human. There are reasons behind the generalization, but some of the cat breeds are actually famous for being affectionate and social. The lists below will lay out some of the most naturally sociable and friendliest cat breeds, so do scroll down and read them if you’re interested.


Friendliest Cat Breeds if you’re New Cat Owner

Despite the claim from some people that they are not categorized as ‘cat person’, this doesn’t change the fact that feline friends are really popular types of pets for people across the globe. The claim mostly comes because cats are famous to have aloof and indifferent animals. However, there are several breeds that have reputation as having loving nature.

So, if you are planning to get one, it is only natural to be interested in finding approachable and receptive pet. Take a look at three of the friendliest cat breeds recommended for new cat owners in the following:


1. Maine Coon

Maine coon can be easily recognized from their large physical and shaggy coats. Their most remarkable personalities are calm and gentle. Despite of their relatively huge built, they are mostly really affectionate to people and other animals.

These cats would be happy to snuggle up on your lap. They are quite vocal, since they like to make trills and chirping sound when being shown love. Moreover, their intelligence has gained them ‘dog-like’ title, because they are able to learn to respond to simple command. On the opposite of most cat breeds, they seem to like to play with water.


2. Abyssinian

Having a history dated long, long ago since the ancient Egypt era, Abyssinians are amongst the oldest cat breeds known. They are the breed that’s known to be loyal and extremely smart companions, along with their love to be on their owners’ lap.

Abyssinians enjoy being the center of attention, which is probably why they’re eager to learn and show simple tricks. Being naturally playful and easily curious, they can go bored easily even when they’re very devoted to their owners. This feline requires affection back to them, so make sure you set aside enough playtimes with them if you’re decided to get one.


3. Siamese

The next on from this list of friendliest cat breeds is Siamese. These cats love to be near their pet parents – be it on lap, table, or bed. They are really talkative and able to make various types of sound, especially when they want to attract your attention.

Siamese cats have affectionate and loyal traits naturally, so they can feel attached easily to family member. However, they can also turn into rather cautious in the presence of strangers. Siamese cats can get along well with human, children, and other cat pets.

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The Friendliest Cat Breeds to Dog

It seems like plenty of people out there assume that cats cannot, or are not supposed, to get along well with dogs. However, this doesn’t always turn out to be true. If you’re looking for feline pets that will love your canine buddy, then you won’t actually have a hard time.

Cats and dogs may struggle to get along sometimes. So, you may worry if your family already owns a dog, but you want to adopt a cat. Of course, each cat has different personalities, and some might find it hard to be friends with dogs. That being said, the list of friendliest cat breeds below will help you to find the correct feline breed to bring home:


1. Ragdoll

Ragdoll cats are known to be laid-back and gentle, with a hobby of following their owner around. They love to welcoming family members who come home and to play on humans’ lap. They can be playful at times, but mostly prefer to play on the ground instead of climbing on the perch.

Due to their sweet and delicate temperaments, they’d make perfect pet for families with children. It shouldn’t be hard for them to get along with other pets, including dogs.


2. Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair

If you’re looking for loyal feline friend who love to be around their owner most of the time, then Exotic Shorthair breed won’t disappoint you. What’s excellent is that these cats like to receive attention without being too demanding or talkative. In general, they have easy-going, fun-loving, and playful characteristics.

Their great friendliness and adaptability make them deserve a spot in this friendliest cat breeds list. They are intelligent and sociable enough to be friends with canine pets. Even though they may appear as passive at times, they love to play around and have great confidence around dogs once they’re familiar with the said pet. In short, this breed is perfect if your family has dogs or children.


3. Birman

Not only possesses reputation as being affectionate, calm, and friendly, Birman also known as the intelligent, loyal, and visually gorgeous breed. These blue-eyed cats can easily get along with dogs, as they’d like to have social interactions and have new friends.

The kitties are able to understand basic command. Moreover, they require low maintenance, as they’re generally healthy and rarely have excessive energy. Birman cats would make an ideal choice if you’re dog owners who want to get a cat.

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If you’re planning to add a feline companion to your household, you need to remember that there are other factors to determine which ideal breed to get, beyond the friendliness factors. The friendliest cat breeds list above shows you some of the breeds that are famous to be sociable and affectionate – but again, each cat is different. So, take your time to get familiar with them by talking to shelter or breeder, to gain more information about the particular kitty that you wish to bring home.

At the end of the day, the friendliest cat breeds can only be used as a loose guide. The biggest factor in forming cat’s personality is your role as the owner. The cats will give affection and love back if you give them the same.

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