The Most Popular German Dog Breeds around the World

There are numerous German dog breeds all over the world. Dog breeds are now not limited to their origin country or places as they are freely bred all across the world. Germany has a lot of dogs coming from the country, and these are some of the most popular dog breeds coming from Germany. These three German dogs are indeed the most prominent ones among their peers.


German Dog Breeds: German Shepherd

This is, hands down, the most popular breed of dog coming from Germany. Of course, one of the first German dog breeds coming to mind is this German Shepherd because “German” is even in its name. The dogs are well-known for their energy and agility. They are very clever as well, and thus they are often used as police K-9 team. Here is what you need to learn about German shepherd.

  1. Average Height
    The average height of the dog is around 22-26 inches. Yes, they are pretty tall and can grow even taller when they reach the mature age. The posture of the dogs is so great, and this is why they are often chosen as military dogs.
  2. Average Weight
    The weight of German shepherd is around 60-80 pounds. However, when they are so well-trained, they can reach 100 pounds. In addition, they are also energetic and can run fast. This is the reason why the dogs are considered so fit.
  3. The Coat and Colors
    The most popular coats for the dog are the tan and black combination. Sometimes, they are born with the black and red coat colors.
  4. Life Expectancy
    The life expectancy for the dogs is around 12-14 years, which is quite long, and they can be your long-time companion, pet, or service dog in the military.
  5. Temperament
    The most distinguished feature of German shepherd’s temperament is that it is very clever and intelligent. This is the reason why they are often synonymous with police dogs. They are very easy to train and catch information very fast. Surely, if you want to have a smart pet, this breed is one of the best German dog breeds to own.
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German Dog Breeds: Great Dane

Great Dane

Okay, this one is tricky. Great Dane is a tall dog breed that people think coming from Denmark as it has “Dane” in its name. Well, it is not true. The dogs are originated from Germany, and they has been around the country for centuries. They are used for hunting and sports. Moreover, these days, they are still popular as stoic, majestic dog breed everyone wants to own. This is the detail about Great Dane.

  1. Average Height
    The height can be so extra as they can reach 30 to 32 inches. Yes, they are so tall, and you won’t expect the dogs to stay in small spaces. You have to provide them with spacious space to stay.
  2. Average Weight
    The weight is around 150 to 175 pounds. Yes, they are heavy and not exactly your lap dog. These dogs are well-known for their energy, and with that much weight on them, what do you expect? They will run around to spend the energy well.
  3. The Coat and Colors
    In addition, the dogs have short coat, and they do not shed easily. The colors are including grey and brown. They often also have born with spots on their coats.
  4. Life Expectancy
    The life expectancy is around 7 to 10 years. Yes, it is pretty average for the dogs to live for around that time and become the long-time pet.
  5. Temperament
    Great Dane is basically playful, and they want to be around people most of the time. However, they are so tall and big, making their appearance sometimes intimidating and people tend to resist getting around them. In fact, Great Dane is not the breed for those who live in small house or apartment as this is one of the German dog breeds who need lots of space to run around.


German Dog Breeds: Dachshund


One of the most prominent German dog breeds is surely Dachshund. This breed is well-known for its small stature and cute appearance. For you who need to understand more about this breed, and want to adopt one, just read detailed information about the dog in the information below.

  1. Average Height and Weight
    The dogs have the average height of 9 inches and the weight is around 11 pounds. Yes, they are petite, but they are energetic and very playful.
  2. Coat and Colors
    The coat and colors of Dachshund are mostly on brown and light brown shades. They are not shedding that much, and thus maintaining the dogs to look good and nice won’t be something hard to do. Surely, this is one of the simplest German dog breeds to take care, and if you do not have that much time to groom a dog, Dachshund is perfect for you.
  3. Life Expectancy
    The life expectancy is around 12 to 16 years. The breed can live long indeed, and they are good as pets as they will grow up with children and become the best of friends for them. They are also in good health, and merely have health problems, so the dogs can live happily for a long time.
  4. Temperament
    The dogs are very playful ones. You can tell they are energetic as they often run around the house most of the time. In addition, Dachshund is good with people, including with children. It is safe to say this breed is one of the best German dog breeds to own as pet.
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Yes, those dogs are cute and thankfully when you want to get them, you do not need to travel all the way to Germany. They have the breed originated from Germany, but now they are easily found all over the world, including outside Europe. Just learn more about German dog breeds by reading about three of the most popular dogs coming from Germany on the list above.

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