Interesting German Shepherd Facts: One of the Most Popular Dog Breeds

The German Shepherd dog is one type of dog that is active and has a proportional body. This dog has a head that is wide and perfectly pointed so that it forms like a sharp muzzle. The shape of the ears is large and stands upright.

And the most striking thing is that this dog has a character that tends to be suspicious of strangers. But this dog will be very useful for its owner if it has been trained since childhood. In addition to his nature, he has courage, loyalty, and instinct to guard. His posture is very suitable as a police dog, military dog, bloodhound, guard and rescue dog.

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The history of the German Shepherd Dog

This type of dog was first introduced by Capt. Max Von Stephanitz who is also known as the father of the shepherd dog breed. Capt. Max Von Stephanitz is known for being someone who admires the quality of the intelligence of sheepdog breeds.

One day in 1899, he went to a dog show with his co-workers. At that time Captain Max Von Stephanitz was first attracted to herders and bought them.

After that he formed a kinology association called Verein Fur Deutsche Schaferhunde or shortened to SUV. They continued to grow until they became a famous kinology association in the 20th century.

Capt. Max Von Stephanitz is a smart person, he makes plans for the long term so that his association lasts a long time. In his efforts, there appear some results of the analysis that the German Shepherd Dog has courage, loyalty and good intelligence.

Since then, the German Shepherd Dog began to be used as a companion during World War I (WWI) in 1914. Their job was to help the soldiers and guard the base.

After the World War was over, the duty of this Dog was not far from the interests of the military and the state. Because of his intelligence, at this time people more often use it to guard the employer’s shop or house.

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Get to Know the German Shepherd Dog Breed

While there are quite a few dogs that look similar to the German Shepherd breed, not all of them are accepted by the International Federation of Kinology or FCI associations.

However, there are at least 4 types of German Shepherd dogs that have some slightly different characteristics. For more details, including:

1. German Shepherd SaddleBack

This variant is the most common breed of the German Shepherd. They have a different color on the back so it is called a saddle back.

The German Shepherd SaddleBack usually has a black back. But sometimes there are also brown and red. In dog competitions, the brighter the color, the better the score.

2. Black German Shepherd

Black German Shepherd

The Black German Shepherd is a variant that has a solid black coat color. They do not have mixed colors or combinations of other colors.

In addition to the Black German Shepherd which is black, there is also a German Shepherd variant which has a solid white color. Although very rare to find, the white German Shepherd is very suitable as a pet.

3. German Shepherd Panda

German Shepherd Panda

This German Shepherd is basically a rare genetic mutation that causes white patches to appear in certain parts of the German Shepherd dog breed. Generally, they have a coat of white fur on the belly and legs, but black or brown on the rest giving it a panda-like feel.

4. German Shepherd Sable

German Shepherd Sable

This German Shepherd variant has quite unique characteristics. They have fur on the top of the body with a variety of colors that give it an attractive appearance.

The color of the coat develops and changes with age. Generally, this color is a mixture of several colors such as brown, gray, black, and gold.

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How to take care of a German Shepherd dog

1. Provide Nutritious Food

So that your pet German Shepherd Herder can grow up healthy and well, then provide nutritious food. Moreover, this breed of dog has a very active and energetic nature.

If you don’t know what food to give, then give special dog food that is widely sold in pet shops. You will find a large selection of quality brands and contain high nutrition.

But it’s a good idea to adapt the food to what the dog wants. The trick is to give him several different types of food, then choose the food he likes more. Also make sure that the food contains good nutrition for the dog.

2. Clean the cage regularly

Providing a special cage for dogs is something that is very important. In addition to making it more comfortable, indirectly the dog will be more disciplined to know where to sleep and defecate.

Don’t forget to also clean their cages regularly so that your pet dog is more comfortable. The reason is that although German Shepherd dogs have a fierce stature, they are very sensitive to cleanliness.

3. Bathing regularly

As mentioned above, German Shepherds are very concerned about cleanliness. So, make sure to bathe your pet dog regularly at least once a week.

Use a special dog shampoo that can be found in pet shops to avoid dog fleas. Also clean the teeth using a special toothpaste for dogs so that the teeth are maintained and not smelly.

4. Invited to exercise

This type of shepherd dog is a dog that has a very large power. Inviting him to exercise is an activity that must be done as an employer of a German Shepherd.

The energetic German Shepherd will often mess up if his energy is not vented through exercise. So, invite him to exercise such as running or playing ball to keep him healthy and trained.

5. Train With Basic Commands

The German Shepherd is a breed of dog that is smart and quick to understand commands. That’s why this dog is often used as a guard dog, tracker, or military guard.

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To get the most out of your dog’s role, try giving him basic commands like standing, lying down, sitting, and jumping. After that, the dog will be easier to give other commands and will indirectly improve his discipline.

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