How Often to Clean Fish Tank and How to Do It Correctly

There are so many ways to take care of your fish. One of them is by cleaning the fish tank regularly. A beginner aquarist may ask about how often to clean fish tank. The information will answer your question. As a result, you can keep your favorite fish healthy and grow well.

How Often To Clean Fish Tank 

The idea of cleaning a fish tank is better to do a little cleaning every day instead of letting the tank dirty and then cleaning it. How about if you can’t clean a fish tank every day? Cleaning it once every two weeks is enough. Don’t wait until the aquarium or tank looks messy and smelly. Your fish is in trouble living in such a habitat. They can even die even if you feed them regularly but you don’t clean the tank.

Things To Do While Cleaning a Fish Tank 

Now, you know how often to clean fish tank. The next thing to learn is what you have to do while cleaning a fish tank. Remove any debris and uneaten food by removing the gravel first. Don’t forget to change 10 to 15% of the previous water with a new one. Remove any algae around the glass. You can wipe the glass by using a sponge, towel, or cloth. Check also the other devices that support the tank and fish, such as the filter. Ensure that this device works well. Rinse the filter sponges if it is necessary to clean them. Wash the sponges by using the water from the tank. Never use tap water to clean because it may contain chlorine that kills good bacteria in the filter.

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how often to clean fish tank

Steps to Clean a Fish Tank 

Ensure Your Hands are Clean and Dry 

You make sure that your hands are clean and dry, although it will be wet during the water change. It is an important process to ensure that there will be no harmful chemicals dilute on the water. The harmful chemicals are dangerous for your fish and kill them even if you clean the tank.

Check the Algae 

The next step is checking the surface of the tank. Ensure whether there are algae or not. If there are algae you can get rid of them before changing the water. Nowadays, you can find a variety of algae cleaners that effectively get rid of them without threatening your fish.

Start to Change the Water 

Change the water once you are sure that the tank is clean. You can use a specific tube to help to remove around 10 to 15% of the volume. Don’t throw away the old tank water because it is useful to rinse or clean the filters and filter media. Never directly pour tap water to fill the new water on the tank. Prepare a bucket and fill it with tap water. Let the water overnight to let the chlorine evaporate. Then, you can pour the water to replace the old water.

That’s it! Now, you not only know how often to clean fish tank but also the right way to do it. Do it regularly before the tank is messy and smelly. Your fish is happy if they have a clean house just like you.

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