How Tall is the Average Horse and How to Measure It?

You might want to know more about how tall is the average horse because you want to create a stable that can accommodate any kind of horse needs. You might also have other reasons but measuring the height of a horse is completely different from measuring human height.

How to Measure Horses

People are usually measured in feet or inches. Do you think that horse will be measured the same way too? A specific unit is used to measure horses, after all. It is called the hand. One hand is equal to four inches. When measuring horses in hands, the decimal after the whole number of hands measurement must not be more than 0.3 because the decimal bigger than 0.3 will be measured in another hand or become another whole number of hands.
When measuring people, we usually measure the height from head to toe. However, the horse height will be measured from the top of the withers to the bottom of the hooves. Why? Because the horse will hold its head and neck in a different way for different activities. It means that some horses with shorter or longer necks will not affect how tall they are.

Miniature Height

We can find different height categories in different types of horses. There are miniature horses. They are truly horses, of course, but they have dwarfish that make them much smaller than the normal horses. Among the horse groups, miniature horses have a shorter height. Miniature horses will include any horse that has a shorter height than 38 inches or 9.2 hands.
how tall is the average horse

Ponies Height

Of course, we cannot forget about ponies when talking about how tall is the average horse. Ponies are shorter than normal horses but they are taller than miniature horses. The measurement will be between 9.2 hands and 14.2 hands. Ponies will be divided further into small, medium, and large sub-categories. The height difference between ponies will be affected by the breeding of the ponies.

Horses Height

The horses that can be included in this height group must have a taller height than 14.2 hands. The range can be from 14.2 hands to 19.2 or 20 hands. The height difference will depend on the breeding and the specific horse. There are shorter horses such as from the Quarter Horse breed. This type of horse will not be too tall because it is bred to serve. We can also find the horse that stands tall with a minimum of 16 hands of height such as from the Thoroughbred breed. This breed is better tall because it will be used often for racing.

How Tall is the Average Horse of All Groups?

To know how tall is the average horse, you have to determine the way you want to measure it. You might want to measure the average height of all horse types. You might just want to measure the average height of a certain horse type. The result will be completely different. The average height of all horse groups will be about 14 hands. Meanwhile, the average height of the horse’s type is about 17.3 hands.

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