How to Discipline a Dog After Fighting

Some dog owners do not know how to discipline a dog after fighting. Sometimes, dogs are just playing around when they are biting each other. But they can lose control and the game leads to a serious fighting. You surely do not want your dog to get into a fight and get hurt. If you see the fight will not stop immediately, it is important for you to intervene before one gets hurt. Here are several things that you can do.

Stop the Fight as Much as You Can

You can stop your dog from fighting by dragging his attention to you. You can scream, stomp your feet, clap your hands, or anything you can do to attract your dog’s attention to you. If you happen to have your dog’s bowl near you, you can hit his feeding bowl with a spoon or anything else.

Use a Barrier to Separate the Fighting Dogs

If the previous way does not work, you can use a barrier to separate the fighting dogs. It can be a cardboard, plywood, large stick, or trash can lid. You can use these things to separate your dog without harming your hands. Make sure the thing you use is large enough to separate the dogs.

how to discipline a dog after fighting

Use Your Arms

Approach your dog from behind and grasp the top of his hind legs. Raise his legs in a position like you are lifting a cart. Move your dog as quickly as possible. Keep moving until your dog is calm and safe. You can also use a leash tide to your dog’s hind legs to pull him out of a fight. Your belt will do as well. Once you have managed to separate your dog, immediately bring your dog inside your house or car. Dogs will likely fight again when they see each other.

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Take Actions When Your Dog Plays Roughly

In some cases, dogs already think that it is playtime when you bring him to a garden, playground, or other places. But other dogs do not seem to want to play. If this is the problem, it will be better if you separate your dog from other dogs. Sometimes, playtime can get too rough, even if the dogs seem to like it. For example, a big dog could accidentally hurt a smaller dog.

Train Your Dog to Play Nicely

The next step on how to discipline a dog after fighting is training your dog to play nicely. Use positive supports for good behaviors by giving him a reward. When he behaves nicely in front of other dogs, give him rewards such as treats. When your dog bites, growls, or shows other bad behaviors, separate him from other dogs and give him time to rest until he clams down. You can opt for giving him punishment. For example, no treats for the whole day. This way, your dog will learn that he should not fight with other dogs.

Those are the ways that you can try on how to discipline a dog after fighting.

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