How to Get Dog to Drink Water in 4 Simple Tricks

Dogs refuse to drink water for some reason. For a simple reason like the dogs are too picky and only prefer their own water bowl to health and aging. Whatever the reason is, you can’t let this condition continue. This can lead the dogs to suffer from hydration that affects their health. So, how to get dog to drink water? Well, here are 4 simple tips you can try.

#1. Clean Up the Water Bowl Regularly

Based on a study held by NSF International, it is found that the water bowl used by dogs is one of dirtiest places at home. In this way, you are strongly suggested to clean your dog’s water bowl properly. This will help you to avoid germs sticking on the bowl that can make the kennel sick.

You also need to keep in mind that even your dogs can’t see the germs, a dirty water bowl also looks unappealing to your fur babies. This is because germs cause bad odors. With a high-sensitive nose, dogs can detect the bad smell that makes them lose interest in the water. To clean the bowl, you need to use warm soapy water to wash it. Make sure that you also rinse the bowl well since the smell of the soap can make the water in the bowl taste unappealing to your dogs.

how to get dog to drink water

#2. Add Flavor

Getting your dog to drink can also be done by adding flavor to the water in the bowl. Water doesn’t always taste well for your dogs and they can be very picky with it sometimes. Using flavored water can be very helpful to encourage the pup to drink more water. To know which flavored water that your dogs love the most, you can give them different water to test. Filtered, diluted, tap, and bottled water can be a great alternative to take since they come with different flavors.

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You can also make broth or ice cubes from tuna juice and put them in the bowl to add flavor to the water. If you need a simpler alternative, you can also put a teaspoon of beef or chicken broth in the water bowl. However, keep in mind to keep a separate bowl for the flavored water and ordinary water to avoid your dogs getting overwhelmed.

#3. Use a Doggy Fountain

You can try a dog’s water fountain to get your pup to drink more. This will provide the kennel with fresh water that flows continuously. That is why a water fountain always tastes better for dogs. Furthermore, this alternative will also make the water feel cooler for your dogs than if you put it in the bowl. Unlike drinking from a water bowl, your dogs don’t need to sit for a long time to drink from the water fountain.

#4. Use a Different Bowl

Speaking about how to get dog to drink water, you also need to consider using different water bowls made of different materials. Glass, plastic, stainless steel, and ceramic are the most common materials used for dogs’ water bowls found in the market. Having different water bowls can help your dogs avoid boredom and make them want to drink more.

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