How to Put a Cone on A Dog in 7 Simple and Effective Steps

How to put a cone on a dog? You might have this question knowing your dog is very active and can’t stop moving and licking the part where it is injured. It is quite difficult to do, especially for a dog that uses the cone for the first time. But, here, we have a simple step-by-step guide for putting this safety cone on your dog.


Dog treats. Choose the smaller size.

The cone. You can use the standard Elizabethan collar.

how to put a cone on a dog


  1. Put or hold the cone on the ground. Then, let your dog check it out. Every time your dog sniffs or touches the cone, reward it. Repeat this method until your dog gets used to the cone and shows no fear or stressful behavior.
  2. Hold the cone by facing the wide hole to your dog. Whenever your dog touches or shows interest in the wider hole of the cone, reward it. Praise it as well, so your dog knows that it did a good job by making contact with the cone.
  3. Now, show the smaller hole, which is the correct hole to put on your dog. Slowly, encourage your dog with treats from the other side to let them touch or sniff the smaller hole. Once it gets used to it and is willing to put its head into the smaller hole, give it reward and praise.
  4. The next step on how to put a cone on a dogguide is to clip the hole. Once your dog doesn’t hesitate to put its head into the smaller hole, clip it to lock it then unclip it. Do it many times until your dog doesn’t scare off the clipping sound.
  5. Then, try to clip it and increase the duration of your dog wearing the cone. Do not forget to give it a treat and praise every time your dog can stay longer than before. While you are doing this step, tap and knock the outer side of the cone to let your dog adapt to the sound it hears when it wears it.
  6. Take your dog for a walk after you put a cone on a dogthat you own. You have to do it briefly, then unclip and remove the cone. Give it the rewards and praise every time your dog wears it and walk or run around without a problem.
  7. Once you finish all the steps above, we assume that your dog feels comfortable with the cone on its neck. So, while it feels happy, walk around your house to let it get used to moving with the cone at the place it is familiar with. Now, you are done putting the cone on your dog.
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It might be difficult to do. The secret here is doing it slowly. Create a happy and relaxed atmosphere, so your dog won’t get stressed because of the cone. And, that’s how to put a cone on a dog that anyone can use, even for a beginner.

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