How to Stop a Dog from Nipping When Excited and 3 Techniques

When your pet has an over-excitement, it is time to learn how to stop a dog from nipping when excited. The grabs to arms, legs, shoes, or others can disturb you. This act is embarrassing as well as frustrating.

You can see that some puppies do the play bite. The following is wise advice to prevent this problem from occurring in the near future.

Using Environmental Management for Prevention

The environment is the first thing you have to consider. It helps a lot to stop your dog from nipping. You can try several ways to make it work.

It includes putting a leash on your dog before guests come. Through this, you can pull the dog away before he is trying to nip.

Some ways are stronger and even tougher for you to try. You can put your dog behind the gate or crate too. You can also use a muzzle to protect your fingers while training the dog.

If you apply this method, you have to be ready to reward your dog. Give its lots of treats in return for its calm behavior. Always apply the rewards once you put the barrier.

how to stop a dog from nipping when excited

Applying and Practicing Behavior Management to Stop Dog from Nipping

The behavior Management method will reward your dog and can stop it from nipping you. Many people prove that it is advantageous in controlling your dog from nipping.

You can teach your dog in a simple way, like sitting while greeting people. Start by teaching your dog to sit in frequently distracting situations. You have to watch the action and let your dog adapt to this condition.

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This way allows you to practice more learning for your dog. Some dogs are excellent at sitting while you are alone. It can follow your words while you hold a pack of treats for the dog.

Make sure you always practice this method until your dog shows readiness. It can sit well even in hard situations. You have to be sure that your dog is ready, or you will be frustrated.

If the dog is not ready in a busy circumstance, it will keep jumping over people. Additionally, your dog will ignore all your words to calm them down. Create a situation that is less exciting to your dog, so it can follow your learning.

How to Stop a Dog from Nipping When Excited by Applying the Method of Hand Target

Another simple method is the hand target. It teaches your dog to touch your hand with its nose. This one is also easy to practice and also enables your dog to be more focused.

Few reasons are choosing this method, including having a tough sitting. It is helpful to control your dog while it is over-excited. Besides, it is advantageous to teach your dog to greet people using the mouth.

Some people are successfully applying this method to their dogs. They can even do it in a short time. Your dog can recognize the cue, so you can know how to stop a dog from nipping when excited.


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