Japanese Bobtail Cat Breed: Characteristic, Personality & Care

The Japanese Bobtail cat has an interesting history. The breed is depicted in art and described in writing for at least 1,000 years, where it represents good fortune with a stump of a tail that looks like pom-poms on its body. This natural mutation makes the bobbed look unique to this specific kind of feline friend.

The Japanese Bobtail cat is a medium-sized, muscular feline that has both longhair and shorthair varieties. Males are bigger than females and have the ability to jump great heights due to their highly developed muscles!

The natural bobtail cat’s kinked tail is unique as an individual fingerprint, and no two are alike. The Bobtails’ tails have the same number of vertebrae found in long-tailed cats’, but it’s much shorter than others. As a result, their fur spreads out making them look like they’re sporting bunny tails. In Japanese Bobtails with longer hair around its tail region, this may cause the plume effect on its furry appendage too!

Japanese Bobtail Cat

Height 8 – 9 inch
Weight 6 – 10 pounds
Kid-Friendly  High
Friendliness  High
Shedding Amount Medium
Playfulness  High
Life span  5 to 15 years
Intelligence  High
Vocalness Medium
Colors White, black, orange, ebony,  gray, silver, brown, cream, red, beige


A bobtail cat’s defining physical characteristic is, of course, its short tail. It resembles a rabbit’s more than your typical cat’s because it typically ranges from 3 inches to 7 inches in length and is covered with tufts of fur that curl or kink at the end. Bobtails have a lovely coat that is soft, silky, and has an undercoat. The Shorthair Bobtail has short fur while the Longhaired cat’s hair length can be medium or long at times. There may also be britches around the neck of shorthairs as well as on their belly and tails for some longhairs which add to its beauty.

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The Japanese bobtail cat is a medium-sized, lean feline that weighs 5–10 pounds. Males typically weigh more than females and have long legs, strong muscles in their bodies, high cheekbones, and oval eyes. Their nose sticks out quite far from the face with its tail sticking straight up into the air if it’s happy to see someone or something!

Japanese bobtails are a breed of cat with two coat types: long and short. Their coats can be solid, bi-color, calico, or tabby patterned but they most commonly have white fur with colored spots that look like the van patter – which some call it. Both their hair is silky smooth and easy to groom while also low in shedding potentials; however, this doesn’t mean Japanese bobtail cats don’t shed at all as there are still seasons when these begets will lose hairs especially during springtime and autumn times. They aren’t considered hypoallergenic either because although less often than other breeds, they do leave behind pet dander allergens for people who may suffer from allergies.

Japanese Bobtail Cat


Japanese Bobtails are active, sweet, loving cats that play endlessly with their owners. They bring toys to people and will ignore food for a chance at playing fetch all day!


The Japanese Bobtail cat is Medium in size, with a lean body. The general balance of the entire body is important and their necks are neither too long nor short to match proportionally with its height.


The Japanese Bobtail cat has long, slender legs that appear strong and muscular. The hind legs are noticeably longer than the forelegs but deeply angulated to bend when the cat is standing relaxed so its torso remains nearly level rather than rising toward its rear end.

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When a Japenese Bobtail cat stands up straight its front paws seem like they’re in line with each other without much of an arch between them while their back limbs look very angled as if there was some sort of backward curve going on from the shoulder blade down towards hip joint creating almost two continuous lines before curving again at knee joints where toes then point forward instead of inward or outward like most cats have (four pointing outwards and five forwards).


A Japanese Bobtail cat’s head is long and finely chiseled, with a triangular shape (excluding the ears), high cheekbones, and gently curving lines. The nose has two parallel lines from tip to brow that is well-defined by gentle dips at or just below eye level. Their muzzle is fairly broad and rounds into their whisker break; neither pointy nor blunt. They have full chins that aren’t undershot or overshot.


The Japanese Bobtail Cat has large, oval eyes that are set into the skull at a slant when viewed in profile. They have shallow curvature and should not bulge out beyond cheekbones or foreheads like other breeds of cats do.


Japanese Bobtails come in all colors and patterns with no preference given to any color or pattern. In dominant colored bi-colors, tri-colors the coat can be predominate of a bold dramatic marking while vivid contrasting colors are preferred. For Dilute Colored Bi-Colours Tri Colors, soft muted markings on gently toned coats are favored more than anything else for this type of cat breed.

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Japanese Bobtail Cat


Japanese Bobtailed cats are not prone to matting because they lack an undercoat and their coats consist of both short and long hair. They will require minimal daily care but might need more brushing during the spring or fall shedding seasons. Japanese bobtails enjoy moving, don’t need motivation from outside sources, love competing in cat shows and sports, as well as having interactive toys for them to play with one-on-one which helps keep them exercising rather than lying around all day doing nothing.

Japanese bobtails are a bold breed that takes to socialization fairly easily, but early introductions to people and other pets are vital when introducing them into your home.

Japanese bobtails cat breeds love learning tricks such as fetching games, however, they usually take very well in the presence of new human beings or animals which should be introduced at an earlier stage for better results.

A Japanese bobtail cat’s lifespan is between 9 and 15 years, but they are typically healthy cats. Because this breed has a genetic mutation in their tail it does not cause any specific health concerns for them. However, kittens need to be regularly screened by reputable breeders who often have the kitten checked into adulthood for possible undetected issues later on in life that may arise during your pet’s lifetime because of hereditary factors or environmental problems.

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