Manna Pro Brand for Animal Foods, Care, and Grooming Products

Manna Pro is a brand that sells goods and services in the category of pet supplies. It mainly provides food and care for dog, cat, and bird. The brand name has a well-known reputation if you’re happened to look for these products. As the name consists of an extremely extensive list of products, this article will give you a better insight of what it is and what it has to offer.


What is Manna Pro Brand?

Being established back in 1985, Manna Pro has a long history of being the successor of former company ‘Carnation Company Milling Division’. By reaching almost 200 years of experience in providing extensively diversified types of animal feeds, it can be considered as a leading name in the industry by now.

Amongst many factors that make Manna Pro products preferred by the market is the price. According to the recent data, there are approximately 244 products listed under this brand, with the price ranging from $4.97 – $27.53, that makes the average product price $12.43. Considering the quality, these prices are quite affordable for majority of the customers.

So, how do you know that Manna Pro is amongst the best brand to buy food and care products for your animals? Here are three of the best reasons to choose it:

  • It is amongst the best-selling brands in the industry, according to their total sales quantity.
  • It receives high ratings and mostly good reviews from the buyers.
  • It offers a really wide range of products that can cater to your needs.


Brand Labels and Products under Manna Pro

As a major brand, Manna Pro provides their products and services under several different categories. Here are some of them:

  1. Nutri-Vet
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Nutri-Vet provides products that are manufactured with highest quality standards and consistency to ensure pet healthiness to bring satisfaction and happiness for both the pet and pet owners. The products are including pet supplements, vitamins, and various external products that encourage well-being and health of the pets.

With motto of ‘Made by Vets, Craved by Pets’, Nutri-Vet thrives to ensure that the origins of all of their items are traceable, use advanced products formulated by veterinarian, make sure that their supplements can be administered easily by pets, use labels that comply to the regulatory, and offer product support that based on science.

The best products for pets are the ones that they’re willing to accept, that’s why Nutri-Vet products are formulated to be readily acceptable and have enticing scents or flavors.

  1. Fruitables

Fruitables is a brand under Manna Pro that specifically provides treats for cat and dog. This relatively young brand focuses on products such as ‘superfoods’ and other animal feed based on fruit ingredients.

With advanced technology to offer the best nutrition that created by innovative and passionate people, Fruitables has main focus of using the freshest ingredients. It also prioritizes comminment and proven efficacy based on researches and university studies about animal health that also heavily include researches about pet animals’ satiety and obesity.

  1. Natural Care

Products for pets that are used and come in contact with them on daily basis should be safe for the pets and their owner’s family. Natural Care is a brand with that exact purpose. It is committed to offer effective products with natural and proven ingredients to replace potentially damaging chemicals, in order to ensure safer home for the animals and the entire family.

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The products of Natural Care are manufactured with high-quality ingredients. The items under this brand name are including cleanliness and grooming set, skin care collection, and flea and tick repellent products.

  1. Buffalo Range

Buffalo Range believes that having tasty treat is just as important as making it healthy. Thus, the brand is set out to develop healthy treats for dog that will also make them satisfied and happy. The products are created by using pasture-raised and 100% grass-fed buffalo, with minimum processing and all-familiar ingredients.

The pet treats products under Buffalo Range have natural ingredients because those are what your animal companions deserve. It includes transparent and trustworthy packaging as well, to go along with wholesome and high-quality ingredients to make you feel good and safe to give it to your dog.

  1. OUT! PetCare

There are plenty of products out there that promise you to remove odors and stains produced by pets under different brands, but most of them lack effectiveness in doing so. OUT! PetCare is one of the brands under Manna Pro that are dedicated to the science of cleanliness, by providing scientifically proven products with proprietary combinations of enzymes and bacteria.

OUT! PetCare has a mission to offer affordable, safe, effective, and practical care products for pet. All loving pet parents want to use attainable and stress-free products when it comes to taking care of their beloved animals, so that’s why their products are created with standards of safety, value, and dependability.

  1. Espree

If you’re looking for organic grooming products for pets that are both effective and safe, then you may want to consider Espree. This animal products brand was first established in 1989, with initially only had 5 products under its name. However, it gained rapid and constantly growing popularity amongst groomers, due to their organic and natural ingredients.

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Espree is a brand that creates and distributes grooming and care products for animals. Their offered items are including shampoos, conditioners, creams, balms, wipes, odor controls, supplements, and bathing system products. It caters to the global customers across many countries. Most of their products are using and enriched with human-grade and natural ingredients.


Manna Pro has made it easy for the pet owners to look for their pets’ needs under one brand name, from their foods to grooming care products. They are also provided with mostly high-quality and natural ingredients to make sure that the pets receive safe, yet effective products with proven efficacy based on scientific research. You can easily obtain and satisfy your pet daily requirements by shopping this brand’s products and be rest assured that your animal companion is treated with the best quality products with minimum harming potential for their health.

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