Mastiffs Dog Breed: Characteristic, Personality & Care

The mastiffs dog is a dog breed that has been around for centuries. They were originally bred in England to guard humans and even fight back if necessary, but today they’re more often seen as family pets with gentle tempers just like their ancestors who protected the houses of man throughout history!

The mastiff is a massive, powerful, and muscular dog. It has the head of an intense personality with square features including a short muzzle that droops downward slightly giving way to jowls around its face; black masking beside dark hazel or brown eyes which give off no emotion as if looking into one’s soul.

This breed also possesses small ears hanging down next to a nipping pointy nose in between a long flowing coat providing protection from the hot sun during summer months while emanating coolness during the winter season due to their thick underlayer shedding less frequently than other breeds.

Mastiffs dog are an ancient type of dog, dating back to 5 thousand years ago. Their ancestor was known as the Molossus and they were fierce war dogs at that time, with different characteristics then than those seen today in modern Mastiff breeds like English mastiffs or American bulldogs.

Because this one had been selected for its size rather than speed over many generations which has resulted in a breed more dignified compared to other contemporary types such as pit bulls.

Height 20 – 30 inch
Weight 120 – 230 pounds
Kid-Friendly  High
Friendliness  High
Shedding Amount Medium
Playfulness  High
Life span  6 to 10 years
Intelligence  High
Vocalness Medium
Colors Fawn

mastiffs dog

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The mastiff is a muscular, giant breed of dog with droopy jowls and a propensity for excessive drooling. His coloration can range from fawn to apricot or brindle depending on the original bloodline he carries; his eyes are brown in hue – dark at pupil center lighter rim around them like firelight dancing across embers until it fades away entirely leaving behind nothing more than an echo sounding off into eternity (or something along those lines).

The mastiff dog is Massive! The word that comes to mind when you first see this rotund, giant breed of canine. Other dogs might come close in size but the Mastiff outweighs them all; an average male can weigh 220 pounds or more while females are not far behind with more typical weights around 200 pounds at maturity.

Mastiffs, or “mastive” as they were often called in ancient Rome because of their presumed connection to courage and strength. The dog was first bred by the Romans for use both on guard duty and during fighting games- but despite being a fierce warrior breed with an intimidating black mask (imagine carrying around something that could protect you from tigers), it’s well known today as one o the most gentle family dogs out there!


The mastiff dog is a family-friendly and affectionate animal. The peaceful demeanor of this breed makes it the perfect pet for older children, who can rest assured that their new best friend won’t break anything or hurt them in any way! This gentle pooch does not mean peace all day though; if someone comes to visit without knowing how big he really is then you may want to take precautions such as letting him out on leashes so they get some exercise while socializing with others outside the house.

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The mastiff can be a noble, loving family pet. He requires moderation through socialization and obedience training but will make you happier if he gets regular exercise. guardians should consider buying bibs for their dogs or earplugs to avoid damage from loud noises like snoring which is something the dog has in common with his person!


The Mastiff is a proud breed of dog, with ancestors dating back 2500 B.C. They’re depicted on ancient murals in Mesopotamia and around the Tigris River where they were trained for use as war dogs by generals such as Hannibal who took them into battle against Caesar’s invasion force 55 BC according to The Mastiff Club Of Florida; this massive creature helped defend Great Britain when Julius himself landed there after his victory at Milvian Bridge- just one example among many showing how protective these animals can be!

Mastiffs are a centuries-old breed that traces their roots back to ancient Britain. When the Romans invaded, they may have brought mastiffs with them from Phoenicia as early as 6th century BC and these dogs were employed for both guard work and bodyguards by commanders in charge of sheep flocks or people on farms where there was more than one flock living together. A report says an English Mastiff even came ashore to America aboard Mayflower when it set sail across ocean blue! Today you can find these friendly giants all over North & South America – including Canada.

Mastiffs Dog


The Mastiff is a large and impressive breed of dog, but this isn’t all they’re known for. The mastiffs should be trained early on so that he can learn good behavior as he grows into his frame when it comes time to show off those big muscles later in life! Like many dogs with short coats need less maintenance than long-haired breeds because their thick fur keeps them dry throughout most days – just make sure you brush him every once-upon-a while throughout the year unless there are season changes (like summertime shedding).

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The Mastiff’s dog is a short, dense coat that requires little in the way of grooming. Once or twice per year during periods where shedding will be heavy, more frequent sessions with an electric toothbrush should be used to remove dead hair from those areas prone to clumps and tangles such as around one’s eyes and muzzle area.

Mastiffs Dog

Ears need regular checking too-wiping away any excess moisture when necessary so they don’t get infected; deep wrinkles on the head like around eye sockets might also require some extra attention given how easily these spots can accumulate dirt if left unattended while rubbing against furniture or other surfaces throughout the day long!

Mastiffs dog are the perfect pet for those who live in apartments. They don’t need much exercise, as long walks a day can fulfill their needs nicely and theirs isn’t an active lifestyle anyways! However, be careful not to overtax them when they’re young- start with only half of the block if your pup is 2 months old or less; also watch out because this breed has been known to plop down during walks.

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