Knowing Miniature Boxer Dog Breed Facts and All Related Information

A miniature boxer is hybrid dog breed produced by crossing Boxer with Boston Terrier breeds. As the result, mini boxer is well-known for its small stature and its bulky, stocky and muscular features. If you are wondering about this breed and want to find out more information about it, there will be several things you need to know. It should help you understand the breed better.

miniature boxer dog

The Miniature Boxer Basic Information

This is the basic information about miniature boxer. It includes the average height and weight, its lifespan and coat colors as well. Of course, you also need to know briefly about the temperament of this mix dog breed. Therefore, the information about the common temperament or behavior of mini boxer dog will be written below as well. Check them carefully.

  1. Average Height

The average height of a mini boxer is 15 to 22 inches. Yes, they are pretty small, but they have this muscular feature which makes them looking not-so-small. The bulky and stocky features come from the Boxer side of their DNA mix.

  1. Average Weight

The average weight for the dog is around 25-55 pounds. They are quite energetic and thus overweight is hardly possible. The dog has to exercise and run around quite often. It is to maintain their proper weight.

  1. Lifespan

The lifespan of miniature boxer is around 12-15 years. It is an average lifespan for a hybrid dog. In fact, it is still long period of time, though. So, it is safe to say this mini boxer is suitable to be chosen as long-time family pet. They will certainly and easily become the part of family and stay with the family for more than a decade.

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  1. Coat Colors

The most common fur colors for the dog are including black and brown, light brown, and cream and white. Sometimes, there is also mini boxer with completely black fur or with spotty white dots here and there. It depends on their parents, though.

  1. Temperament

The dog is well-known for these traits of behaviors: protective, friendly, mild-tempered, and non-aggressive. It makes the dog perfect as family pet.

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What Miniature Boxer is Best Suited For?

Before buying or adopting miniature boxer dogs, you have to understand what the dog is best suited for. From the information above, it is clear the dog is pretty friendly and get along well with children and other pets. This is the guidance of this breed. You should really consider getting the dog when you are:

  1. Families with Small Children

Mini boxer has affectionate behavior, as well as very kind and gentle, basically. Therefore, naturally they will get along very well with children. If you are families with small children, the dog is perfect as they will protect the children and become their long-time companion. They will also guard the kids around the house.

  1. Families with Other Pets

Sometimes, it is hard to introduce other pets at home when you already have some. Thankfully, mini boxer is not aggressive toward other pets. They will get along well and they have this protective nature. In addition, they are quite playful, too.

  1. Families who Don’t Travel Much

One of the most unique facts about miniature boxer is that they hate to be left alone. Yes, these hybrid dogs love to be around people they are close with. Therefore, if you travel a lot and have to leave the dog quite frequently, a mini boxer won’t suit you. This dog breed is suitable for families who stay at home most of the time.

  1. Families who Don’t Live in Apartment

It is believed that mini boxer hates apartment. This is because they need rooms and space to run around. Well, the dogs are not too good with strangers, and they are very protective toward their family. Moreover, for the apartment setting where strangers are coming and going in the lobby, the mini boxer can find it a bit stressing.

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miniature boxer dog

The Other Essential Facts about Miniature Boxer

Besides the basic details about mini boxer and the information about what the dog is suited for, you also need to know several other essential facts about miniature boxer. It includes some bits here and there related to the dog, such as its food and diet, grooming maintenance and they health issues. Read the information, so you fully understand the dog.

  1. Trainability

Mini boxer is an intelligent dog. Training the dog won’t be something so hard to do. They have good memories and they can be trained in short period of time. You won’t find it difficult to get the dog into its best behavior.

  1. Food and Diet

The dog has small stature but its food and diet requirement are average. To keep the dog happy and healthy, you need to feed the dog 1,5 to 2 cups of food every day. Dry dog food is the best option for the mini boxer as it is less messy for the dog to eat.

  1. Grooming

The dog has short coat of fur, allowing them to stay intact without that much shedding. So, grooming won’t be something required too often with the dog breed. All you need to do is keep the pet nice and clean by bathing the dog regularly.

  1. Health Issues

It is common for mix breed dog to have genetic health issues. After all, combining DNAs of two different kinds of dog brings some risks, though. The common mild health issues with miniature boxer are including allergies and cataract. The more serious health issues often found in mini boxer are including heart murmur and hip dysplasia. This is why when having mini boxer, you should get them checked regularly by vets.

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Mini boxer dogs are now quite popular because for those who want to adopt a small dog with great features and minimal grooming requirements, this breed seems to have everything they need. Read the information above, so when you decide to adopt a mini boxer, you know exactly what to expect and what to do next. Then, you can start finding the right miniature boxer puppies in your area.

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