3 Large Cat Breeds vs. Norwegian Forest Cat Size Comparison

If you are a cat person and would like to know more about Norwegian Forest cat size comparison since you want to adopt one, then you might find this article relatively enlightening. As you might already know, this cat is one of the very few animals that come with a name that is as magnificent as its look.

Just by hearing that name conjures up thoughts of a massive, menacing feline surveying a forested area that is completely under their authority. The real cat turns out is not too far from what you might imagine. By the standard sizes of housecats, Norwegian Forest is huge-sized cats that appear as majestic as their moniker.

However, since they are only popular in the United States, many of you might not be familiar with them. This article provides in-depth discussions about Norwegian Forest cat size comparison with other known huge felines to make you more familiar with this creature.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat Size Comparison: How Big Is This Creature?

A male Norwegian Forest commonly weighs anywhere from 12 to 20 lbs., while the female ones are a little bit lighter, weighing between 9 and 18 lbs. Both males and females are able to stand anywhere from 9 inches tall to 12 inches.

Also, when these cats are in a standing position, the measurement of their bodies may reach approximately 12 inches long to 18 inches. While those figures may not seem amazing, but once you finished reading this Norwegian Forest cat size comparison and try to compare them with the average weight of housecats or even other huge-sized cats, you will realize how gigantic this feline is.

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Then why are these creatures so big? In order to withstand the brutal winters in Scandinavian countries, Norwegian Forest must be big. The bigger their bodies are, the more insulated their bodies will be against the severe cold.

That also becomes the reason their coats are so thick and water-resistant that their bodies don’t get soaked when they walk through the thick snow. As a result, they stay healthy even in the most extreme weather.

Many people even believe that Norwegian Forest cats were usually used to control pest problems on Viking vessels. If that is true, then it’s understandable that these felines would be able to develop to huge sizes since they have minimal competition with a huge amount of food sources.

3 Known Big Cats vs. Norwegian Forest Cat Size Comparison

This Norwegian Forest cat size comparison article is a means of comparing these large-sized felines to three popular cat breeds which are also relatively huge, which is exactly what this post is about. The three cats that will be compared with Norwegian Forest are Maine Coon, Siberians, and Ragdolls. You have come to the right place if you want to compare these Scandinavian cats to other breeds.

maine coon

  • Maine Coon vs. Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest and Maine Coon cats share many characteristics, leading some experts to conclude that the Norwegian Forest cats are the predecessors of the Maine Coon. They both are large breeds with long coats that are typically silky.

If you look for other articles about Norwegian Forest cat size comparison, you will find that these creatures are often compared to the Maine Coon as the latter is also capable of surviving cold weather. In terms of size, few felines even try to take on the Norwegian Forest.

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However, the Maine Coon has proven to be strong enough to stand its ground, and will almost always win. These massive cats can weigh between 13 and 20 lbs., and they have been known to reach 25 lbs or could be more.

The Maine Coon is also known for their bulky bodies that make them appear formidable. Of course, none of these means to put the Norwegian Forest in a bad light. They won’t appear much smaller when compared to the Maine Coon.

  • Siberians vs. Norwegian Forest Cats

Siberians are other breeds that are often used in many discussions about Norwegian Forest cat size comparison. They both have a lot of things in common. Siberians are also called Siberian Forest since they originated in Siberia’s cold woods.

As such, it’s only reasonable to compare the Norwegian Forest with the Siberian cats. The Siberians are semi-longhair cats, but the Norwegian Forest is considered long-hair cats. These two breeds of cats have striking similarities in terms of body shapes, coat types, and other characteristics.

Even in terms of size, the Siberians and Norwegian Forest are nearly close. However, the latter is always a bit bigger than the former. The Siberians are classified as medium-large-sized cats, weighing around 8 to 17 lbs. This is only several pounds less than those of the Norwegian.


  • Ragdolls vs. Norwegian Forest Cats

The Ragdoll cat is another breed with a striking size that often becomes the subject in a Norwegian Forest cat size comparison. Even so, they are best known for their habits of going limp whenever lifted up. That is why people name them “Ragdoll”.

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It’s often difficult to tell how ginormous these Ragdolls are since their bodies appear to be composed of liquid. Male Ragdolls weigh between 12 and 20 lbs., while the female ones range around 8 to 15 lbs. These put them on a level playing field with the breed originally from Scandinavian, the Norwegian Forest.

Despite the fact the Norwegian and Ragdolls are both large; the latter is not as intimidating as the former. The Norwegian Forest is capable of withstanding some of the world’s challenging seasons, while the Ragdolls tend to be reluctant to leave their cozy nests. Yet again, the Ragdolls are commonly known to be smarter than the Norwegian.

From the discussions about the Norwegian Forest cat size comparison above, it can be concluded the Norwegian Forest may not be the largest species that exist on this planet, but they are certainly unique in their own way. They are stunning, can grow to be very huge, and make excellent companions.

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