Poogle Characteristics, Physical Features, and How to Treat This Breed Properly

It comes with different names: beagle doodles, poogle hound, beapoo, or as weird as beagapoo – poogle is a breed that mixes beagle and poodle as its parents. This breed is quite popular as home pets, given that poogles are considered as a friendly furry housemate to won. Not to mention, its above-average intelligence. This makes the mix-breed becomes a great pet to own, even by the first-time dog parents.

If you have seen poogles and willing to own this designer dog, it would be better if you know its features first before purchasing your hound. By doing so, you will be able to prepare yourself better to care for an additional house member—and to learn about whether the breed is suitable for you or not.

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Poogle History and Physical Characteristics

Poogle History and Physical Characteristics

As earlier said, poogle is a mix breed that is obtained by matching poodle and beagle. It is a designer breed, and it has not been long that people bred both breeds to make this mixed breed. If we trace back to its history, poogle made its entrance to dog-hood circa 1980s, and as time advances, there are more ‘demand’ for this breed. Hence that’s why you can see a lot of poogles currently living.

For many dog lovers, poogle is a perfect combination of two breeds: poodle and beagle. Both are known for being humans’ companion—although the purpose is different. Poodle has been known for its elegance, and often associated with such an opulent luxury. In contrast, beagles are ‘assigned’ to be a hunting dog, thanks for its high stamina.

Despite both breeds’ difference in purpose, they are great breeds in terms of loyalty. Poodles may not be as independent as beagles (especially because of its purpose as a companion dog), but you cannot put your eyes off beagles. Beagle is docile despite being a hunting dog, and with its soft, pleading eyes, you cannot escape the charm of this breed. Plus, their wagging tails when meeting someone they trust in makes beagles irresistible to have as pet.

As for the physical characteristics, poogle shares a lot of resemblances with its parents. Their size isn’t that big; their height (from ground to shoulder) is 9-16 inches tall. As for the weight, it varies among 16 to 25 pounds. Their average life expectancy ranges around 10 to 13 years.

Talking about poogle’s physical features, you cannot flee from the talk of its coat color and fur length. Some possibilities of poogles’ coat color are: black, brown, white, silver, and red. Mixed colors of coat is pretty rare despite its beagle parents. The coat length is medium with average density. As for the texture, poogle’s coat is wavy.

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Poogle Personality, Trainability, and How to Maintain Their Looks

1. Personality

Just like its parents: beagle and poodle, poogle has an extreme need for companion. This breed is considered as a family-oriented dog; and this will make a good compatibility for children. However, due to its high energy, elderly people that cannot move much should not own this breed as pet.

Their beagle parent, which has its nature as a hunting dog, also inherits their alertness and curiosity to poogle offspring. Therefore, if you are looking for a curious dog, poogle can make a good fit as a watchdog.

Poogle loves to play, and from that alone it can be inferred that this mix breed is high in energy. This should bring you an alarm: you shouldn’t be a lazy if you share a home with poogle. Share at least 45 minutes of play time per day to keep them happy. Otherwise, they will bark when bored—which you will frown upon.

Plus, keep in mind that due to its poodle parent, your dog may develop sort of anxiety under stress. Although it is an unlikely occurrence in home setting, consider keeping them safe and happy. When you’re idle, bring them to walk around the neighborhood (or a dog’s park). Swimming can also be an alternative activity for your poogle hound.

2. Trainability

Both parents are intelligent breeds, but unlike poodles, beagles are taking more patience and consistency to train. That makes the offspring—the poogles—to be an intelligent breed as well.

However, due to their excessive energy to play, you should make a firm training for them. Not that you’ll need an army-style training, you just have to take the lead. Use positive reinforcement such as giving praises or treats when they do the right thing, but never yell at them with a high pitch. This may cause them to bark back at you.

It’d be better to socialize your dog with people starting from a young age. That said, bring your dog often to meet people and other animals. Do a leash-training, too. This is because poogle has a parent with a hunting instinct. When it is idle and sees something moving—be it cats, cars, etc.—they can chase out of curiosity, playfulness, or simply thinking about them as prey.

3. Feeding

In common, poogle takes around one cup of dog food per day. Even though you know about the sufficient amount of food, you should never take this as the main provision. Always consider setting an appointment with your vet in order to know how to feed your poogle in a right way.

4. Grooming

Poogle isn’t a difficult breed to groom. According to many sources, poogle is considered as a low-maintenance dog. This simply means that poogle does not need extra attention for its coat – a weekly brushing is enough. It does not shed much as larger breed dogs, but still—in order to make your poogle looks outstanding, regular bathing is advised. Afterall, it can help you to keep your dog’s skin healthy.

Consider to clean the poogle’s under-ear in order to keep it free from infection. Not only its ears, it is also important to pay attention to its oral hygiene. Poogle is prone to dental disease—hence that’s why regular cleaning of oral area is highly advised.

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After reading the information about poogle above, are you ready to become a parent for this dog breed? Well, Poogle is a happy and friendly mix-breed that would brighten your day. It’s important to know about aforementioned things before sharing your home with this dog.

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