Ragamuffin Cat Breed: Characteristic, Personality & Care

Ragamuffin Cat is not your average pet. They are big, beautiful, and very gentle giants! Ragmuffs will become the perfect addition to any family who wants a cat that loves being held and stroked by anyone in the house. Kids can also play with them without worries because they get along famously with children as well as other pets around the home too!

The Ragamuffin cat is a Velcro-like animal that follows his people everywhere and greets guests at the door with enthusiasm. He can even participate in your next tea party, wearing this frilly little bonnet while he waits for you to pour him some milk and cookies! With such an outgoing personality, it’s no wonder why they are great candidates as traveling companions too – just make sure their leash matches their outfit!

The Ragamuffin cat is a clean-cut feline that doesn’t mind being groomed. Daily combing will prevent or remove any mats and tangles, but be gentle since he appreciates attention: with his accepting personality you’ll enjoy the special time together! Like all cats, this one sheds too.

However, it isn’t excessively so don’t worry about excessive hairballs on your clothes. If your rag has Persian ancestry though then they might feel more comfortable in tangled fur – ask before adopting them if their ancestors are of Persian descent to see how often they should be brushed each day for maximum comfort without causing matting issues.

ragamuffin cat


When people think of a cat, they often imagine the Ragamuffin. These plump cats are big-eyed and have large bodies with an even bigger heart for all their human friends! They get along well with other animals in your home as long as everyone is willing to play nicely together which can be difficult at times but worth it when you’re cuddled up on the couch watching TV or reading books aloud – because these kitties love listening; not just hearing, but really taking in what’s being said! You’ll never find them far from someone who cares about them so if you meet one head over heels then don’t let her go away without saying hello first.

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The ragamuffin cat is the type with thick, luxurious fur that feels like it’s bursting to come out. With squarish muscles and medium-long hair, this fluffy feline will fill up any free space in your home or office.

The ragamuffin cat breed is an affectionate, cuddly creature with a quirky personality and adorable markings. Ragamuffins are known to be great at catching mice but they can’t catch any other type of prey because their paws are too big for the smaller creatures!

They have large round eyes that come in either blue or green shades as well as very small pointed ears which make this kitty extra cute when you rub them behind its neck. The female cats weigh about 12 pounds while male cats weigh 20 pounds; both sexes grow slowly throughout their life span until finally reaching full maturity around age 4-5 years old – making them one of the oldest breeds out there today!


You can’t find a more easygoing cat than the ragamuffin. These affable felines love to sit on laps, sleep nearby in couches and just be near their human companions for hours. They get along well with other cats as long as they are also Ragamuffins or another friendly breed of animal that is not too big like dogs because then it could pose a threat to them instead; so you should keep your dog away from these pets!

Ragamuffin Cats are the perfect companions for seniors or people with mobility problems. These undemanding felines will contentedly spend their time playing by themselves and being lapcats when they’re not lounging on your chest, purring away in comfort.

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ragamuffin cat


Ragamuffin cats are born with broad chests and shoulders, as well as wide hindquarters. These muscular felines have the perfect balance of width and height to ensure a healthy weight distribution throughout their body.


Ragamuffin cats are known for their playful manner and often spend much of the day wrestling with one another. They’re also well-known for climbing trees, which is why they need strong back legs to help them climb up towards a branch that will support their weight – no easy task! Ragamuffins have medium-length bones in both front and hind feet so as not to put too much pressure on any singular paw whilst still being able to walk swiftly when necessary.

The large paws of each house tuft underneath and between them; this helps distribute body heat evenly across all four limbs throughout winter months whereby temperatures can drop below freezing levels without snow or ice at ground level due to lack of insulation from natural materials like leaves, grasses, etc


Ragamuffin cats are known for their beautiful and distinctive appearance. The Ragamuffins have a broad modified wedge with a rounded appearance, the forehead should be moderately round, the muzzle is round in length shorter than moderate tending to being wide/broad. It has full cheeks on its face which results in a “sweet look”.

In profile, there must be an obvious nose dip giving the impression of a scoop rather than break (cat’s whiskers also puff up). The neck is short heavy & strong – reflecting proper bite where they can easily display aggression when necessary or just show off!. Ragamuffins have unique sweet-faced looks that make them sought after by pet owners looking for something special

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ragamuffin cat


Ragamuffin Cats are natural-born explorers. These cats have an intense curiosity for everything around them and will typically explore their world without any fear of consequences or repercussions from people they meet along the way. Ragamuffins love to climb, hence why these felines appear in so many books as “the cat who climbed up a tree.”

Ragamuffin Cats range across all eye colors with some rare exceptions such as yellow/gold eyes which can only be found on this breed if both parents share that color trait together too!


The Ragamuffin cat is a crossbreed between two breeds, the American Shorthair and Munchkin. A purebred Ragamuffin will have long hair with white spotting on their face or paws for example. The mix of coat colors in this breed produces many patterns like saddleback, bi-colored coats (any color), bi-colored cats (two different colored patches), or even multi-coated ones that combine all three types together!


If you are looking for the perfect pet that is low-maintenance, then a ragamuffin cat might be just what you’re looking for! They have fur so long and thick it can get tangled in knots. However, they shed very regularly meaning brushing them should not take up too much of your time or effort! You will need to hit them with a slicker brush twice per week at most which mean this furry friend would make an excellent addition to any family.



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