Schnauzer Mix Information, Several Mix Breed Samples, and How to Take Care of Them

When you are talking about schnauzer mix, then you will see that there are a lot of ‘combination’ be made. Schnauzer, which has been popular for its aristocratic look with beards and deep barks, are often matched up with other pure breeds such as corgi, Welsh terrier, pitbull, pug, dachshund, and many else. Just mention what dog is the other parent, and you will end up having a cute mix-breed whose charm is definitely irresistible!

If you plan to have a dog as house companion, never hesitate to own a schnauzer mix. It has this tendency to become a kind breed with above-average intelligence. Not to mention, this breed is quite easy to groom despite its relatively long hair. A perfect companion for younger kids, we should say, but never forgets its nature as a watchdog back then.

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Several Schnauzer Mix Breeds that You’ll Never Resist to Have Pet

As earlier said, you will never run out of schnauzer mix to list down. From schnorgi (schnauzer x corgi), schpit (schnauzer x pitbull), schnoodle (schnauzer x poodle), to jacknauzer (jack russel x schnauzer mix), all these breeds will wait for an owner that won’t get tired seeing their active and playful side.In general, schnauzer mix-breeds are friendly and intelligent.

If you are still confused which kind of schnauzer mix you want to keep for yourself, make sure to read the description below.

1. Schnorgi (schnauzer x corgi)


With the bodily feature of corgi but schnauzer’s face, you cannot get any breed cuter than this one. Just like both parents’ habits, schnorgis have ‘plus’ energy and this will require you to prepare enough time to play with them. Despite its playfulness and activeness, this breed makes a good companion in whichever living situation it is living—even in an apartment. However, due to their stubbornness, you should pay quite a lot of time to train.

2. Schnoodle (schnauzer x poodle)


You should know that both parents come in various sizes. For schnauzers, they come with a size of mini, standard, and giant. As for its counterpart—poodles, you can expect three variations of size as well: teacup, toy, mini, and standard-sized poodle. This crossbreed’s size depends to the parents’ sizes can weigh up to 60 pounds.

Smart, active, and easily trained come as the inherited traits from its parents. But don’t be surprised if your dog prefers one person over another. Favoritism is the personality trait that schnauzer owns, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be friendly with all family members or strangers.

3. Schneagle (schnauzer x beagle)


Coming as the next schnauzer mix in this list, schneagle won’t fail to make you go ‘Aww…’. Go to your favorite search engine and do simple images search for this breed. Its soft eyes are as if pleading you to bring him/her home and we’re sure you won’t be able to say no.

Well, schneagle is born to be a small dog with lots of charms. Playful yet not stubborn, schneagle is a mix-breed that loves to socialize with its people. Never be worried that your schneagle will bark when you have someone as guest: it loves meeting new people if you show a sincere trust to that ‘new’ person. Its beagle parent bequeaths alertness (given that beagle is a hunting dog), so they may bark at that new person if they show suspicious moves.

4. Schpit (schnauzer x pitbull)


You can say you never see this kind of schnauzer mix—we’ll believe it. Schpit is quite rare to be found out there, and when you look at them, you’ll realize that its looks can be a bit uncommon compared to most dogs. Sturdy build and a wiry coat, soft eyes as another plus point: what’s more to complain? It’d be better to see directly and not only imagining it.

Schpit inherits friendliness from both of its parents. You can expect them wagging tail just like its pitbull parent. But sometimes schpits become too friendly that it makes a lousy guard dog. But if you want a schpit to be a home mate for a long time, it’ll never deny doing the job.

5. Schnug (schnauzer x pug)


Another option of schnauzer mix you can have as a lapdog is this one: schnug. Despite its crazy sounding name, you should never doubt its lively character. However, although this breed is a perfect play dog for your family members, often it shows you some stubbornness, defiant behavior. Therefore, it needs a person who can take the lead and being firm to them. Otherwise, they’ll keep barking or mouthing your stuff.

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How to Take Care of Schnauzer Mix

  • Feeding
    In terms of feeding, you should make your way to the vet first to know how to feed your mix-breed. Plus, you should ask your vet what kind of food is recommended, how many cups you should pour into your dog’s bowl, and what kind of snacking options you should give. Each dog has different way of feeding—given that size, breed, nutrition needs, and the physical activity of your dog may differ with another dog.
  • Grooming
    In general, grooming a schnauzer will require you to perform a daily brushing. Your dog, which is the filial of schnauzer, may shed quite a lot, too. You should consider washing them anytime it looks dirty—mostly after it eats its meal. Never forget to bath and trim its coat when it gets too long is a must as well.
  • Training
    Each dog has different personality; but in general, schnauzer mix is intelligent enough to do simple tricks. However, you may face some breed’s stubbornness as the only one negative side when training them. Anytime you see a kind of improvement from your dog, give them positive reinforcement like providing them treats and praises.


Basically, schnauzer mix is a kind of people-pleaser who loves to get human’s attention; but can be a little stubborn when it comes to training. Therefore, consider ‘instilling’ a fun-yet-firm situation for training. Give them a playful, energy-intense game (play fetch, for example) daily to keep them happy. Never forget to teach them about leash as well since its schnauzer has a tendency to be a wanderlust, which can be bequeathed to its offspring.

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