Selkirk Rex Cat Breed: Characteristic, Personality & Care

The Selkirk Rex Cat is a happy and cuddly cat. He’s great for families with children, pets, or visitors since he loves to be around people! The Selkirk can also make an excellent therapy pet because of his sociable nature – as long as you’ve socialized him when he was young. When it comes time to settle down, the Selkirk prefers quieter environments than some other breeds like the Cornish or Devon Rexes who are more active cats that love playing games all day long.

The Selkirk Rex is a good choice for families with children, other pets, or frequent guests. He loves to cuddle and enjoys the company of others which makes him great at therapy work as well! This breed gets along very well in households where there are people who like cats more than dogs because they’re much less high-strung animals.

Many people believe that the Selkirk Rex cat is hypoallergenic because of its coat texture. This has no scientific evidence to support it, however- allergies are caused by dander and there is no way to tell what breed or crossbreed will be better tolerated than others as they cannot guarantee this for you.

Selkirk Rex Cat

Height 9 – 10 inch
Weight 6- 15 pounds
Kid-Friendly  High
Friendliness  High
Shedding Amount Medium
Playfulness  High
Life span  10 to 20 years
Intelligence  High
Vocalness Medium
Colors All usual colors


Selkirk Rex cats look almost like they have wool coats. They’re dense and curly, so you might even mistake them for sheep if they were white or cream-colored. You’ll want to brush these cats about once a week in order not to damage their coat with your combing – it’s best just every few days as needed. Some Selkirk Rex Cats may be short-haired but still sport tight curls while others will grow up long wavy fur that needs more care than the former type of cat does over time due to matting and felting happening when one is groomed too often without brushing first on occasion. Selkirk rex cats are sometimes called “the hairiest” cat.

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The Selkirk Rex is a playful breed of cat with an incredible coat. They come in colors and patterns that are not just rare, but sometimes unheard-of! These cats weigh anywhere from 16 pounds or more to less than 10 pounds – though they have the same long body as any other medium-sized feline.


Selkirk Rex cats are the curly-tailed, curious, upbeat, and friendly breed you’ve been looking for! These fuzzy friends love to play games with their owners or just hang out. Their wavy coats make them extra huggable but don’t expect these busy felines to be lazy lap cats because they like keeping active too-including cohabitating with other animals if proper introductions have taken place. Overall Selkirk Rexs’ loving personality makes them absolutely irresistible.


Selkirk rex cats are known for their muscular torsos and straight backs, which make them one of the most athletic cats breeds available today.

The Selkirk Rex is a popular breed that you’ll find in many households across America due to its great features like smooth fur and medium-to-large size. With an S curve back with a slight rise to hindquarters, they’re built perfectly for athleticism while still being able to be petted easily by children or adults alike. Their muscles give way into a substantial torso more rectangular than square without any long lines making it easy on your neck when looking up at this beautiful animal from afar!

Selkirk Rex Cat


Selkirk rex cats are one of the rarest breeds, but they’re not just any old lump under a rug. The Selkirk Rex is prized for its long legs and substantial boning that give it an unmistakable look which makes it easy to distinguish from other cat types. Feet large, round and firm as well with five toes in front four behinds giving them their distinctive paw-print markings on each pad.

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Selkirk rex cats have broad, round skulls. These felines are known for their full-cheeked faces across both males and females of the breed. The skull is also smooth to the touch from stop to back head as well as between ears – a detail that differentiates this cat’s bone structure from others in its class (e.g., other breeds with flat heads).

Selkirk Rex cat muzzles are medium width with rounded bone structure and well-padded whisker pads to give the impression of squareness. The length is equal to ½ the width, making them perfect for any kitty who likes a little more breathing room while still looking just as sharp!

Selkirk Rex Cat Muzzle: Cats don’t always have many options when it comes to picking their muzzle shape because they all come in one size – but Selkirk rex cats can enjoy something uniquely theirs that fits their unique needs perfectly.

Selkirk Rex Cat


Selkirk Rex Cats have a prominent round face with large, settled set eyes. The outside corners of their lips are slightly higher than the inner corner giving them an endearing expression that is wide open and welcoming at all times.


Selkirk Rex can have common colors and regular patterns


Selkirk Rex cats are so easy-going, they’re content with just about any environment. Whether it’s a one-bedroom apartment or the grandest estate in town, Selkirks will be happy as clams to have their owners’ love and attention. The Selkirk Rex is one of the more docile breed cats and, as a result, it can be an especially good fit for seniors or children who might not have enough strength to handle other breeds.

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They are also very playful so they’ll enjoy climbing on cat towers and lounging in window seats that offer them excellent views outside their home while providing comfort from glare.

Cats are not hypoallergenic. No cat is, in fact. Most allergies stem from dander and other proteins that cause the allergic reaction to occur rather than fur type (although Selkirk Rex does shed less). However since most people suffer reactions due to contact with an allergen their skin has come into contact with before, cats shedding a little bit of hair can help keep your allergy symptoms at bay!

Regular grooming is important for Selkirk Rex cats, as they are wash-and-wear cats. “They’re just one of those breeds that doesn’t need much attention,” says breeder and coowner Mary Jones.

Selkirks do not require the same level of care as other more traditional long-haired cats like Persians or Maine Coons because their hair does not mat easily when it comes in contact with dirt which means you won’t have to brush them every day!

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