Siberian Cat Breed: Characteristic, Personality & Care

The Siberian cat is Russia’s native forest cat, is a medium to large triple-coated feline that hails from the unforgiving climate of Siberia. This breed has been prepared by nature for survival with no extremes in type and should appear strong yet sweet when you first lay eyes on them. The Siberian takes as long as 5 years before it matures which may sound slow but this allows these felines ample time to adapt themselves physically and mentally into adulthood so they are ready for any challenges life throws their way!

The Siberian is a cat that never knew the meaning of being warm. These cats hail from Siberia, Russia where it’s cold 24/7 and their harsh origins are reflected in their long triple coat with exceptional weatherproofing, as well as strong bodies for enduring frigid conditions.

Siberian cats are sweet-natured and love to cuddle. They’re also intelligent, alert, and solidly built with kittenish personality traits that make them perfect for families! Though they get along well with children and other pets in general; Siberians prefer their pet parents over anyone else as the most important person in their life.

Height 10 – 12 inch
Weight 12 – 15 pounds
Kid-Friendly  High
Friendliness  High
Shedding Amount Medium
Playfulness  High
Life span  8 to 10 years
Intelligence  High
Vocalness Medium
Colors White, black, orange, ebony,  gray, silver, brown, cream, beige

In Russia, Siberian kittens run as high as $4,000. The reason for this is that the breed’s popularity outside of its native land has left them in short supply and their increased demand means prices have gone up accordingly.

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Siberian cats


These Siberian cats are built for the cold and wet forest. Their water-resistant coats keep them warm, while their muscular frames help carry a heavy load of prey without getting tired.

With their thick coat of long hair in any color including white, black, red, and blue Siberian cats are a popular choice for people looking to adopt. Their wide variety of patterns such as calico or tabby also make them interesting pets because they have so many different looks that you can’t get with other breeds! When adopting one it may be worth considering if the cat has green or copper eyes; these colors would look great on its fluffy fur and will give your new pet an extra touch of personality

These cats are the kings and queens of shedding. Twice per year they molt, in spring when their long winter coat is shed for a shorter summer one or vice versa in fall depending on which climate zone they live in.


Siberian cats are very intelligent and have a sense of humor. They like to fetch toys in their water dish, or investigate bathtubs before they dry off! Siberian cats are great friends and family pets. They make sure to meet you at the door when you come home, even if they were napping just a few hours ago!

Siberians are talkative and will express themselves without saying a word. They enjoy purring at high volumes to show their happiness or contentment, as well as making motorboat-type sound effects. Siberians like sitting on your lap while they’re being groomed and playing fetch with you for hours on end! Nature shows that have squeaking mice in them can capture the attention of these cats who find joy in chasing after those fluttering images.

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Siberian cats


The Siberian, also known as the Siberian cat or the Taigan, has a wedge-shaped head and long body. Its fur can be from shades of green to gold to copper with eyes that range in color including blue ones. They have sharp teeth for hunting prey like rodents!


The body is long, well-muscled, and powerful. The back arches are higher than the shoulders with a barrel shape giving off an impression of solid weight which you can feel when petting its firm belly that has just enough stomach padding to fill out its lower abdomen while still looking proportional in size.


The legs of a Basset Hound should be thick and substantial, with hind feet slightly longer than the front. They have big toes covered in tufts to help them walk on their large paws.


The head is shaped like a wedge with rounded contours and good proportions to the body. It has a broad top of the skull, narrows slightly into the full-rounded muzzle. There should be a slight dome between ears that almost flattens out on the forehead in line with the nose. The chin should not protrude and it’s ideally situated directly below the point where the ear meets the cheekbone for optimal balance!


Medium to large, almost round. The outer corner of their eyes angled slightly towards the base of the ear and with expressive, alert open eyes that are more than one eye’s width apart from each other in different colors such as green-gold or blue depending on if they have white fur as a Siamese cat does for example.

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Siberian cats come in a variety of colors and patterns. Siberian kittens generally have a long body, big ears that are set high up on the head, an average weight for males is 8-10 pounds while females typically weigh 6-8lbs., they also have short hair coats with dense undercoats which make them look fluffy!

Siberian cat colors and combinations can vary greatly but all accepted variations allow white to be present somewhere whether it’s just some patches or if it’s their entire coat. The only exception to this rule would be colorpoint Siberians who must maintain at least one fully colored point per section between eyebrows down through chin so as not to dilute points into brown shades.

Siberian cats


Siberian cats are super social, playful animals who just want to spend time with their humans. They love playing and snuggling up on the couch, so they need a home where there is always someone around for them when you can’t be at home yourself! These pets get along well with all kinds of people including children and other furry friends.

These intelligent cats who love a challenge have fluffy coats that help them stay warm in cold climates, so they need to be kept active and entertained. When Siberian Cats aren’t playing or goofing around with their people, you can often find these furry friends curled up on your lap for some relaxation time.

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