All You Need to Know About a Doberman Rottweiler Mix

The Doberman Rottweiler mix, which is also often known as the Rotterman, is one of the mightiest alpha dogs that require tough yet affectionate guidance in their life. The Rottweiler-Doberman hybrid is not kind of dog that’s suitable for first-time dog parents.

This Rottweiler mix is an excellent choice for dog owners who are sufficiently confident in managing large-sized canines. Moreover, these dogs tend to become violent if they are poorly trained or untrained. As long as these strong dogs are properly trained, bred, and nurtured, they will make great guard dogs that appear aggressive but full of affection and love inside.

Doberman Rottweiler Mix

3 Interesting Facts about Doberman Rottweiler Mix

  1. Doberman originated in Germany and were specifically bred to be watchdogs

Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann was a German who became the very first breeder of the Doberman dog breed. He needed a guard dog that can provide him protection because he worked as a tax collector, dog catcher, and security guard.

Louis Dobermann utilized a number of large and strong breeds in order to develop a canine that is obedient, loyal, and protective. The Rottweiler, Greyhound, Manchester Terrier, and Great Dane are among these breeds. So, it’s no wonder that the Doberman Rottweiler mix often becomes a companion of a night watchman.

  1. Known as a loving canine

This Doberman and Rottweiler mix might appear to be a very aggressive dog although they actually can be one. This canine, however, is actually a big softy on the inside. They will frequently get close to the owners as you develop a loving relationship and bond with them.

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It’s because the Doberman Rottweiler mix is one of the most loyal canines. They will be affectionate and devoted watchdogs once they have formed a strong bond with you. In order to make them loyal and friendly to the rest of your family, you will need to know the proper methods to train this dog.

  1. The Rottweiler is a popular dog breed among the ancient Romans

This is the most interesting fact about Rottweiler and it’s no wonder that this breed becomes the other half of the Rotterman mix that also becomes a loving and fierce guard dog. Many might not realize that the Rottweiler is actually much older than they appear.

The Romans were accompanied by these canines on their long journey across Europe and many of them decided to stop in Germany. That is the reason the Rottweiler is closely related to the people in ancient Rome and how the Doberman Rottweiler mix is developed.

In the past, the Rottweiler was the type of dog typically used to drive a group of cattle and protect them as well as their owners. Most of the owners had such faith in these dogs that they would assign them to sell the cattle without hesitation.

The Rottweiler would bring a purse that tied around their neck. This purse was the place where the buyer could put the money to.

Doberman Rottweiler Mix

Things to Know Before Owning a Doberman Rottweiler Mix

  • General characteristics

Because the Rotterman is a mixed breed, their size can either be medium or maybe large depending on which parent is dominant. Sometimes, this dog can have the body of a Doberman with the legs of Rottweiler.

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This Doberman Rottweiler mix has big fangs and relatively huge ears. Whenever they sense a threat, they will automatically raise their ears. They are capable of jumping high, which allows them to sprint across a very long distance. This makes them require a huge amount of energy. Therefore, they tend to eat more to accommodate their physical activities.

  • Food and diet

This Doberman and Rottweiler dog is an energetic and muscular hybrid. They require protein-rich foods in a rather large quantity, especially if the dog really enjoys exercise. As their owner, you should at least feed them approximately 3 cups of high-protein dog food every day.

  • Temperament and socialization

The Doberman Rottweiler mix is playful, loyal, and a great watchdog. However, the possession of this hybrid dog may irritate certain individuals. To prevent such an issue, some thorough training programs are heavily required.

There’s no need to worry this dog will be aggressive since you can always implement proper methods to make them have a soft and gentle temperament whenever they meet new people. Of course, all of these traits require a significant amount of training and patience.

It’s also essential to make the Rotterman always happy because the parents of this breed are significantly healthier. Maintaining their mental health is also crucial as it is possible that a lack of socializing will result in unwanted tragedy.

You should also know that the main purpose of this hybrid breed is to provide protection and herding other animals. Therefore, take your fierce furry friend with you anytime you go out so they may become acquainted with people, scents, sounds, and vehicles.

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  • Training

Even if the Doberman Rottweiler mix is responsive to training, you may need to exert a considerable amount of effort and time in training them. That is why you need to always have a good attitude whenever you train your dog.

Consider training a time for bonding, and make sure you do not give your four-legged friend the false impression as to why you are interacting with them. During the training sessions, try to give your furry companion praise and encouragement to help them understand what they need to improve on and things they do well.

  • Health conditions

Due to extensive cross-breeding, the Rottweiler and Doberman typically have a few medical conditions. While they usually benefit from genetic improvement, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of the conditions related to species that they may develop. Therefore, you must obtain the medical records of your dog’s parents.

To conclude, the Doberman Rottweiler mix will not always be the good four-legged companion for everyone. However, they can be a wonderful addition to any family as long as you have enough time to give them love and affection. You should also give them lots of high-protein dog food and comprehensive exercise. That way, they will provide protection and devotion in return.

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