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Whitestorm Warrior Cats

If you are looking Whitestorm Warrior Cats, you are in the right place! Here I will try to answer some questions about Whitestorm Warrior Cats.

What happened to Whitestorm?

Whitestorm was killed by Bone in the battle with BloodClan, The Darkest Hour. His final request is Firestar appointing Graystripe as deputy after him, which is granted.

What did Whitestorm do?

Despite blaming himself for Bluestar’s death, Whitestorm was chosen as Firestar’s first deputy, and fought in the battle against BloodClan; however, when he was killed by Bone, Whitestorm chose Graystripe as his successor, and ascended to StarClan.

Are Whitestorm and Brindleface related?

Brindleface was a ThunderClan warrior under Sunstar’s and Bluestar’s leaderships in the forest territories. She was born as Brindlekit to Robinwing and Fuzzypelt, along with her sister, Frostkit. Her mother fostered Whitestorm after his mother, Snowfur, died.

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How old was Whitestorm when Snowfur died?

They are only 5 years old when Stonefur is killed defending them in year 76 at the age of 48. The final battle with BloodClan occurs in year 77, marking the deaths of Tigerstar (58 years old), Whitestorm (57 years old) and Darkstripe (44 years old).

Does Whitestorm have a mate?

Whitestorm’s mate was Willowpelt. With Willowpelt he fathered Sorreltail, Sootfur and Rainwhisker. As such he was the grandfather of Sorreltail’s kits, Cinderheart, Molepaw, Honeyfern, Poppyfrost, Seedkit,and Lilykit. And is the great-grandfather of Molepaw and Cherrypaw (Poppyfrost’s kits).

Did Brokenstar have a mate?

Due to the fact that his mother is a medicine cat and it is forbidden for them to have mates or kits, Yellowfang breaks those rules and is forced to give birth alone out into the forest. After a long and tough birth, three kits are born, two she-kits and a tom.

Who is deputy after Whitestorm?

After he dies, Firestar immediately names Graystripe deputy, in honor of Whitestorm’s wishes.

What was Cloudtail’s Kittypet name?

The Prophecies Begin Cloudtail: ‘You’re still beautiful to me. You always will be.’ He is the firstborn kit of a kittypet named Princess alongside four other siblings.

Who was Firestar’s second deputy?

Firestar appointed Brambleclaw as deputy due to Graystripe’s disappearance, and had him keep the role after his friend returned.

Who was Sandstorm’s littermates?

She worries for her mate when he loses a life to greencough. When Hollyleaf reveals Leafpool and Crowfeather of WindClan are her littermates’ real parents, Sandstorm gazes at her with disappointment.

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Who is Willowpelts mate?

Her mate is Whitestorm, and Graystripe, Darkstripe, Sootfur, Rainwhisker, and Sorreltail are her children.

Who is white wings mate?

Whitewing’s parents are Brightheart and Cloudtail. Her mate is Birchfall, and Dovewing and Ivypool are their daughters.

Is Snowkit alive?

Who is Firestar’s mother?

‘Firestar’s mother was a brown-and-white tabby called Nutmeg.

Who killed bone warrior cats?

Bone, the BloodClan deputy, kills Whitestorm, ThunderClan’s deputy, but Bone doesn’t live long after his victory. He is killed by a swarm of apprentices from all four Clans.

What was wrong with Bluestar?

PTSD is the most obvious one, and the one that largely effects her actions in Rising Storm and A Dangerous Path. However anyone who has read Bluestar’s Prophecy can see she has had issues with depression since her kithood, and what she is experiencing in the late first arc is clearly some sort of mania.

Who has Brokenstar killed?

During the Great Battle, Brokenstar killed Ferncloud, and thereafter, he was killed by Yellowfang for a second time, fading away forever.

How did Brokenstar go blind?

All of the rogues flee except for Clawface, who is killed by Graystripe, and Brokenstar, whose eyes are clawed by Yellowfang, blinding him.

How did Brokenstar lose his nine lives?

Raggedstar chose his son to become deputy after Cloudpelt, the former deputy, was killed in battle. Brokentail craved more power than deputyship and he murdered his father in cold blood, ripping all nine lives away from him at once.

Who was Tallstar’s first deputy?

WindClan deputy who served under Featherstar after the death of the previous deputy, Pebblefur. Black WindClan tom who was born with a twisted paw. He was still a brave and fierce warrior though, and eventually became Tallstar’s first deputy. WindClan tom who was deputy and then successor of Onestar.

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Who was pinestar’s deputy?

Pinestar. Pinestar was the leader of ThunderClan before Sunstar. His deputies were Mumblefoot and Sunfall, and his medicine cats were Goosefeather and Featherwhisker.

Who kills firestar in Warriors?

Firestar died after fighting Scourge, but he came back since he has eight lives left. He kills Scourge with a bite. LionClan was no more and the last BloodClan members left.

How did Brightheart lose her eye?

Startled, Daisy asks about the scars on Brightheart’s face. Lowering her head and turning her injured side of her face away, she responds that she was attacked by dogs.

Who is Firestar’s sister?

Princess is Firestar’s sister, making his former apprentice Cloudtail (Princess’ son) his nephew, Whitewing (Cloudtail’s daughter) his grand-niece, and Dovewing and Ivypool (Whitewing’s daughters) his great grand-nieces.

Who was leader before Bluestar?

Sunstar, a bright ginger tom with green eyes and yellow tabby stripes, was the leader before Bluestar. He was the deputy of ThunderClan in Bluestar’s Prophecy and his warrior name was Sunfall.

Thank you for reading Whitestorm Warrior Cats, I hope I have answered all of your questions. Hopefully what I provide is useful. See you next time!

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