Why Does My Dog Growl When I Pet Him? – 5 Reasons to Know

Why does my dog growling when I pet him? Well, growling is one of the ways for dogs to communicate. It can be the sign that they are showing contentment, affection, or anger. Though nothing to worry about growling in general, it can look frightening sometimes, especially for those who are new with dog parenting. So, how to identify which sign is shown by your dog when he is growling?

To find the answers, you need to know why dogs growl when their owners pet them. Here are 4 common reasons for dogs’ growling that puppy owners should know..

#1. He Wants More

Dogs growl meaning can be tricky to understand. Some dogs tend to grawl to show that they need more attention from their owners. When it happens, the body language of the puppies will be relaxed. Seeing this will make you think that they are trying to say something to you in human words. However, those who are not used to it will think that it is a sign of aggression. If this is the case, you have to make sure that people who are petting your dogs are not to be afraid and it is a normal thing done by your dog.

#2. He’s Frustrated

Why a dog growling? Well, bear in mind that dogs are expressive creatures. They will easily show their frustration if their desires are not being met. That can be one of the reasons your dogs growling. For instance, the puppies growling when they are hungry and need to eat. The growling is just their way to remind you that it is dinner time and you have to serve the meal immediately.

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why does my dog growl when i pet him

#3. He Wants You to Stay Away

Sometimes, dogs also growl when they are afraid of something. For instance, your dogs growl when they see a new toy or person that makes them fearful. However, it will be quite challenging to know the different meanings shown by your dogs’ growl. It will highly depend on how well you know your puppies.

A fearful growling done by your dogs can also happen when they are wary or surprised of something they see or come to them. The dogs growl to create distance between them and things they see as a threat. This is the way your dogs say “Back Off”! Most of the time, fearful dogs don’t want to fight. Instead, they menace the threat so it will go away. Some common signs of fearful grawls are they usually start slow with stiff body language, a closed mouth, and no breathing.

#4. He Wants to Fight

So, why does my dog growling when I pet him? The desire to fight is one of the reasons he does it and this grawl is called aggressive growling. Contrary to the fearful growling, your dogs tend to reduce distance between them and the threat to attack when they are being aggressive. If this aggressive growling happens when your dogs meet with other dogs, it means that they want to fight. Aggressive growling is often shown by a stiff body language, teeth bared, and snarling.

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